Phasmophobia: How to Find All Evidence

This Guide Shows How To Find All Evidence And Understand The Basics!


Hello, so if you want to look for EMF 5 its not that hard. Take the EMF and turn it on. Walk in and start to walk around. When the ghost is opening/closing something or throwing/moving stuff you can move next to it and the EMF will go up. The EMF can be used to find ghost activity. To find emf continue going to each place that the ghost is messing with stuff, for example if it throws something, I go next to the item that was thrown and I get and EMF level. As the ghost continues moving stuff you walk around checking with EMF until it says 5. Now to be fully sure to see if its EMF 5 or not you need a ghost hunt/event to happen. If a ghost hunt/event happens and your really close to the ghost it should go to EMF 5 and if it only goes to 4 or less then it is not EMF 5.

Hello, so if you want to look for fingerprint its easy. In the truck/van you spawn in you will see all your equipment. On the right shelf, middle shelf you can find your flashlights. Next to your flashlights are weirder looking flashlights with a orange button, that’s a EA light or black light. Take your black light inside and turn it on. Once you have your black light go around the house. When the ghost turns off the lights in a room using the light switch or if it moves a door you can use your EA light to see its fingerprints. Ghost have a really good chance but sometimes they might not leave a fingerprint. The fingerprint on a door is normally right in the middle. Always remember to check BOTH sides of the door.

Freezing Temperatures
Hello, so you want to find freezing temps? As you may know there is a thermometer in the game, but you don’t actually spawn with it, there are 2 ways to check for freezing temps. Whenever your walking around in a room and only in that room you can see your own freezing breath then its freezing temps. You know how when its REALLY cold outside and you blow air out your mouth and you can see your freezing breath, yea this game does that. Now a thermometer is better though, because I am stupider than a brick I cant explain temperatures in Fahrenheit. So with the thermo you can walk around the house checking temperatures. If a room temperature has an average of 13 or higher then it is NOT the ghost room. As you walk around rooms might get colder, if your stupid like me then higher the number, hotter it is, lower the number, colder it is (this is Celsius btw). So if you find a room with negative temps then it IS freezing temps. Why the thermo is better though is because if it is NOT freezing temps you can still find the coldest room which is most likely the ghost room.

Ghost Orb
Hello, so you want to find ghost orb? this one is really easy. So on the right shelf on the top you can find a video camera. The camera doesn’t turn on until your outside the van. I would recommend don’t hold the camera until your in the house cause once you go in the house your setup time starts lowering. Setup time is the time you got to find the ghost room, basically it just means the ghost cant hunt until its over. You can see this setup timer in the van above the monitor. So take the camera and go in the house. On the little camera screen you can see how much time is going by. In each room stand in a corner and look at the whole room using the camera screen. If you see a little ball or orb like circle just floating around the room then that’s ghost orbs, if you checked every room and you seen nothing then no ghost orbs. I would say spend 5 seconds in the corner looking at the screen to look for ghost orbs in EVERY room.
(remember that if there is freezing temps in a room, thats the ghost room, if theres ghost orbs in that room, its the ghost room, if you get ghost writing, thats the ghost room)

Ghost Writing
Hello, so if you want to test ghost writing then know this, the ghost only writes on it if its in the ghost room. Once you found the ghost room you can put this book in there, if you see writings on the paper then that means there’s ghost writing, I would say if it does not write in the next 5 – 10/15 minutes then ghost writing does NOT count.

Spirit Box
Hello, so if you don’t have your game chat working then this wont work for you. If you want help with fixing your mic and stuff then go to the ‘Help With Voice Chat” section, or find my guide on it.

Spirit box is fun to do but can be risky. When you use the spirit box it makes the ghost a lot more active and mad. Ghost hate spirit boxes cause they make really annoying high pitch noises for them. The spirit box looks like a rectangle box with orange box in the middle. Grab the spirit box and head inside. There are three questions you should ask it over and over, “Are You Here?” “Are You French?” “Where Are You?”. Are you french is a funny way of just saying are you friendly you can say. Open your journal and look at the overview and check to see who it responds to. If it says everyone then it can respond to you when other people are in the house, but if it says people who are alone then you should be the only one in the house. I would recommend using a crucifix or 2 because using the spirit box can trigger the ghost. Also when using the spirit box DON’T use your flashlight. Continue asking these questions to the ghost, if you don’t have audio or anything that’s fine, if you look at the spirit box there is a ghost looking logo, it is kind of faded out but if it just turns black or not faded then the ghost is speaking. No flashlight, no people in the house, crucifix placed down, ask it the three questions over and over for like 5 minutes. Another thing to do is use a Ouija board and the spirit box at the same time, it drops your sanity FAST but its effective and worth trying. Sometimes the ghost wont respond but that’s fine, if you have a spare spirit box then turn it on and throw it down near the ghost room cause sometimes it wont speak unless its hunting, so while its hunting you can hear it speaking.

D.O.T.S Projector
Hello, Dots requires the video camera. Go to the ghost room with a video camera and a dots. Place the dots in the middle of the ghost room or I would say more near the door, unless its a hallways ghost. Place the camera somewhere where it faces the dots. Basically the dots give off a green light that can detect the ghost and you can see the ghost when it walks over the dots, but that doesn’t mean it is dots. Using the video camera screen look at the dots and if you see the ghost move over it then that means dots. Why motion sensors are good and because you can place a motion sensor on a wall and put a dots on the left and right of the motion sensor and test, sometimes it activates the motion sensor and doesn’t go on dots though. Basically you just look at the screen and wait, someone can stay in the building and look at the dots with there own eyes while someone looks at it through the camera. If the person see’s the ghost with there normal eyes but the person on the camera screen doesn’t then no dots.

Help With Voice Chat/Recognition
If Your Having Issue’s Using Voice Channel’s Then Try These Out

Solution 1 – Connected Mic and Audio
1. Go To Your Computer Settings
2. Once There Go To System > Sound > Volume Mixer/app sounds
3. Look At Apps And Find Steam
4. Set The Mic You Use To Your Input and Your Headset/Speaker To Your Output.

Solution 2 – Mic and Audio Work?
1. Go To System > Sound > All Sound Devices > Properties (properties for your mic)
2. Then Go Down To “Input Settings”
3. Test Your Mic
4. Go To Properties again but for your headset/speaker and test

Solution 3 – Just Something To Try

1. Unplug Your Mic And Straight out the cord
2. Make Sure Its Unmuted
3. Make Sure Your Internet Is Running Fine
4. Slowly, Gently, And Smoothly Plug In Your Mic
5. Make Sure Your Mic Is Connected Fine And That Your Audio Is Turned Up
6. At The Bottem Right Make Sure You Audio Is Set Right

Solution 4 – Get a new mic/headset
Just get a new one, you worn out your current one man. Its gone, you gotta deal with it some times and just get a new one.

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