Phasmophobia: Spirit Box Guide

A pro guide about what the Spirit Box is, how to use it, what to ask it, and all possible responses.


What is it?

– The spirit box is a part of the 7 possible evidences you can find during your hunt.
– You will automatically receive one spirit box at the beginning of your hunt.
– You can buy another one for the price of $50
– You can ask the box questions, and if successful, the ghost icon will light up and an ominous voice will respond with an appropriate response.
– You must be inside the investigation area to use it (technically you can use it outside of it but it will always fail).
– On some contracts, the ghost will “Only respond to people who are alone” (you will be able to tell on Amateur and Intermediate as Professional and Nightmare do not indicate it.) If this is the case, then only one person can be in the room for it to succeed. If it responds to everyone, the number of people in the room does not have an effect on the response. You can ask the Oujia Board “Do you respond to everyone” and it will tell you.
– In order for the spirit box to work, you have to either be inside of the haunted room, or be within 3 meters (or about 10 feet) of the ghost outside of the room.
– If the lights in the room are not off, it will always fail.
– If you ask a question and it fails, either you are not in the ghost room, you are not alone (if it’s a requirement), or the light are not off.
– If it succeeds, the ghost has a 2/3 chance of responding.

What questions can you ask?

There are a variety of questions you can ask. The main categories are:
Starting with Location
“Where are you?”
“Are you close?”
“Are you here?”
“Are you with us?”
“What is your location?”
“Can you show yourself?”
“Show yourself.”
“Can you talk?”
“Speak to us.”
“Anybody with us?”
“Give us a sign.”
“Is anyone here?”
“Anybody here?”
“Anybody in the room?”
“Is there a spirit here?”
“Is there a Ghost here?”
“Let us know you are here.”
The ghost will respond with one of four phrases if you are within 3 meters (~10ft) of it.
“Behind you”
“Next to you”
“I’m close”
“I’m here”
But the ghost will respond with one of two phrases if you are in the same room, but not witin 3 meters of it.

Next we have Age
“How old are you?”
“What is your age?”
“When were you born?”
“How young are you?”
“Are you young?”
“Are you a child?”
“Are you old?”
The ghost will respond with one of two responses.

Lastly, we have Aggression
“What do you want?”
“Why are you here?”
“Shall we leave?”
“Should we leave?”
“Do you want to hurt us?”
“Are you angry?”
“Are you friendly?”
“Do you want us here?”
“Do you want us to leave?”
“What should we do?”
“Can we help?”
“Is anything wrong?”
The ghost will respond with one of six responses.

If you want to have a little bit of fun with it, you can ask it some fun questions.
“Do you want to build a snowman?”
“Are you Casper?”
“Are you bored?”
“Are you French?”
“Are you hungry?”
“What do you want to eat?”
“Do you want to watch Spongebob?”

You can ask in any language that cortana supports.

Notes, Tips, and Tricks

Don’t have a mic? Not to fret! If all requirements are met in the room, after 10 seconds of it being on, the spirit box will light us with the `X` or the ghost.

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