Phasmophobia: All Ghost Abilities

This guide will help detect which ghost type you are dealing with and will let you know everything that they are capable of.


The Spirit

– When you smudge a spirit’s room, it prevents it from hunting for 3 MINUTES, instead of the usual 90 seconds for most ghosts.

The Wraith

– The Wraith will never step in the salt.

– They can teleport to players (just while it’s not hunting) which will give a EMF 2 reading.

The Phantom

– The Phantom blinks much more during hunts, making it seem almost invisible.

– Will immediately disappear when you take a picture during a ghost event and you will continue to hear the ghost event audio.

– Will not appear in the picture when you take a ghost picture.

– Also able to wander to a targeted player (not to be mistaken with the Wraith teleport).

The Poltergeist

– More likely to throw items, decreases player sanity by 2% for every item thrown.

– During hunts, it has a 100% chance to thrown an object nearby every 0.5 seconds compared to 50% for other ghosts.

– Can do an “explosion” of items – Create a pile of items in the ghost room, and it will explode the items.

The Banshee

– Targets only one player as long as they’re alive and inside the house.

– Hunts based off the target’s sanity: 50% sanity.

– If the target leaves the house, the banshee will hunt normally.

– When the target dies, the banshee will select a new target.

– Will ignore all non-targets during a hunt.

– Increased chance for singing ghost events.

– Has a unique parabolic microphone sound known as Banshee Scream

– Will follow target around.

The Jinn

– When the breaker is on and the Jinn get’s line of site with a player, it will get faster (not as fast as a revenant and not as slow as a Revenant).

– When it gets within 3m of a player, it will slow down to normal ghost speed.

– Has the ability to zap 25% sanity when near a player and the breaker is on: will give an emf reading at the breaker when this ability is performed.

– Unable to turn off the breaker.

– Turn off the breaker to disable all his abilities.

The Mare

– Can hunt at 60% sanity when the lights are off, 40% sanity when the lights are on.

– Unable to turn on a light.

– Higher chance of performing a light breaking event.

– Wanders more if lights are on in its room.

– Has a chance of immediately switching a light off that has been turned on.

– Mare test consists of turning on a light in its room and seeing if it immediately turns it off.

The Revenant

– Will be very slow when player location is unknown (1m/s).

– When it sees a player, it will immediately speed up to 3m/s.

– After reaching the players last known location, it will gradually slow back down if it doesn’t see the player.

– Best tell for a revenant: slow steps when it does not see a player, and instantly fast speeds when it does see a player.

The Shade

– Very shy and boring ghost.

– Will often show up in shadow form during ghost events or do more airball ghost events.

– Ghost event chance increases the lower the average sanity.

– Will not throw objects if you are in the same room as it.

– Will not hunt if there is a player nearby.

– To test for a shade, sit in the ghost room with a crucifix, if your sanity is low enough for the ghost to hunt and it’s not hunting or using a crucifix, probably a shade.

The Demon

– Very aggressive ghost hunt wise.

– Can hunt at 70% naturally with a rare chance to hunt at any sanity.

– Minimum cooldown between hunts is 20 seconds (other ghosts is 25 seconds).

– Smudging a demon will prevent it from hunting for 60 seconds (compared to 90 seconds for most ghosts and 180 seconds for spirit).

– Crucifix will prevent a hunt for a demon with an increased range of 5m (instead of 3m for other ghosts).

The Yurei

– Has the ability to zap 15% sanity if a player is nearby.

– When it uses it ability, it will also fully close a door in its room.

– When smudged, the yurei will be trapped in its room for a period of time.

The Oni

– Unable to do the “ghost mist” or “air ball” ghost event.

– Much more visible during a hunt, meaning it blinks a lot less than other ghosts.

– Has a higher chance of showing its full form during ghost events (instead of being a shadow or transparent).

– Will drain double the sanity when a ghost event hits you.

The Yokai

– Has a chance to hunt at 80% sanity when players nearby are talking (otherwise hunts at 50% sanity).

– During a hunt, unable to detect your voice or equipment further than 2.5m away.

– You can get much loser to a yokai with a music box before the box will break.

– Ghost activity is increased when talking near a Yokai.

– To test for a Yokai, hide in a room nearby with equipment on and yell at it during a hunt: if you’re close enough and the ghost doesn’t find you, probably a yokai.

The Hantu

– Lower the temps, the quicker a hantu will be.

  • 15ºC+ = 1.4m/s
  • 12ºC = 1.75m/s
  • 9ºC = 2.1m/s
  • 6ºC = 2.3m/s
  • 3ºC = 2.5m/s
  • 0ºC and below = 2.7m/s

– Does not gradually speed up with line of sight.

– Has an increased chance to turn off the breaker.

– Will produce freezing breath during a hunt in any room if the breaker is off.

– Will always have freezing temps on Nightmare mode.

The Goryo

– Goryo dots can only be seen through the video camera.

– Will also not show dots if you’re in the same room as it.

– To check for a goryo, make sure no players are in its room and look for dots through the video camera.

– Dots is forced evidence on Nightmare mode.

– If you see dots without the use of a video camera, you can rule out goryo.

– Will not leave its room as often as other ghosts and will not change its favorite room.

The Myling

– Can only be heard during a hunt at a range of 12 meters or less (which includes footsteps AND vocal hunt noises).

– All other ghosts can be heard up to 20 meters away.

– Myling will also respond more on the parabolic microphone.

– To test for a myling, hide with your flashlight or put dots on the floor, if you only hear footsteps during a hunt right when your equipment starts flickering, its likely a Myling.

The Onryo

– Unable to hunt within 4m of a flame.

– If it blows out 3 flames and there are no other flames nearby to prevent it from hunting, it will trigger a hunt at any sanity.

– To test for an Onryo, put candles and crucifixes in its room.

– If the ghost uses a crucifix without blowing out the candle, rule out Onryo.

– If it only uses a crucifix after blowing out all the candles with a 4m range, it’s likely an Onryo.

– May also wander away from the candles and initiate a hunt.

The Twins

– Able to interact with multiple objects at the same time in different rooms.

– Over the course of multiple hunts, you may hear different speeds.

– Twins has the chance during a hunt to send out either a slightly faster ghost (110%) or a slightly slower ghost (90%).

– Will only send out one ghost during a hunt.

– May also hunt from a different location from the ghost room if it’s sending out its “decoy” twin.

The Raiju

– Faster around electronics that are turned on.

– Must be within 6m of equipment on small maps, 8m on medium maps, and 10m on large maps.

– Headcams are the only equipment that does not effect a Raiju.

– When hunting, electronics will malfunction at 15m for a Raji as opposed to 10m for other ghosts.

– May be easy to confuse a Raiju with a Myling because of the above fact, so make sure to pay attention to its speed near powered electronics.

The Obake

– The only ghost that can leave a 6 fingered fingerprint.

– Fingerprints are forced evidence on Nightmare.

– Has a 25% to not leave fingerprints .

– Also able to cut the duration of fingerprints in half if it uses its ability.

– During a hunt, the Obake has a chance to shapeshift.

– It will briefly flash as another ghost model of the same gender.

– It was a 6.66% chance every time it blinks during a hunt to shapeshift.

– To test for an obake during a hunt, loop it for as long as possible and see if it changes ghost models.

The Mimic

– The only ghost to have 4 pieces of evidence on professional difficulty and below (Orbs being the piece of evidence you will get that is not listed in the journal for Mimic).

– Will always have Orbs even on no evidence runs.

– Will change the ghost it mimics every 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

– Cannot change its behavior mid hunt.

– So if you notice a ghost changes its behavior every couple hunts, check for mimic.

The Moroi

– Speed demon.

– Curses a player when they get a response on either the spirit box or the parabolic mic.

– Curse causes the players sanity to drain twice as fast, with lights and candles unable to prevent this curse.

– To remove the curse, take sanity pills.

– Smudging during a hunt will blind the moroi for 12 seconds, instead of 6 seconds for other ghosts.

– The lower your sanity, the faster the moroi.

– Moroi will also get line of site speed, so at 0% sanity and enough LOS speed, Moroi becomes the fastest ghost in the game.

– Spirit box is forced evidence on nightmare.

The Deogen

– You’re unable to hide from this ghost, he knows the position of every player at anytime.

– To tell if its a Deo while hiding, listen to its speed: if its super fast and then slows down when it gets closer to your hiding spot, try and leave your hiding spot and move somewhere that you can loop the ghost.

– Deos are VERY slow when they are near you so they are super easy to loop.

– Has a unique spirit box response that sounds like a growl or heavy breathing.

– Increased chanced of writing and dots.

– Spirit Box is forced evidence.

The Thaye

– The only ghost capable of aging.

– Will start out young at the beginning of the game, making it more active and more aggressive and can hunt at 75% sanity and be super fast 2.5m/s.

– Every 1-2 minutes that you’re near a Thaye, it has a chance of aging.

– At it’s oldest, it lowers the hunting threshold to 15% and speed 1m/s.

– Does not have line of site speed increase, so it will not speed up gradually while chasing you.

– If it seems to slow down each hunt, its likely a Thaye.

– It will also tell you a different age on the ouija board if you ask it its age at the beginning of the game and then again later on once you’ve aged it.

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