Phasmophobia: How to Level Up Fast

A guide on how to level up extremely fast in Phasmophobia.


The Setup

Custom Game Mode Settings (x12.97):


  • Starting sanity: 0
  • Sanity Pill restoration: 0
  • Sanity drain speed: 200
  • Sprinting: Off
  • Player speed: 100
  • Flashlights: Off
  • Lose items and consumables: On


  • Ghost speed: 100
  • Roaming frequency: High
  • Changing favorite room: High
  • Interaction amount: Low
  • Event frequency: Low
  • Friendly ghost: Off
  • Grace period: 0
  • Hunt duration: Medium
  • Kills extend hunts: High
  • Evidence given: 0


  • Setup time: 0
  • Weather: Fog
  • Doors starting open: High
  • Number of hiding places: None
  • Sanity monitor: Off
  • Activity monitor: Off
  • Fuse box at start of contract: Broken
  • Cursed Possesions quantity: 0
Optional for better visibility:
  • Brightness: 4.0
  • Camp Woodwind
Minimum Loadout:
  • Igniter (T1/2/3): 1
  • Incense (T1): 2
  • Parabolic Microphone (T1/2/3): 1
  • Salt (T1/2): 1


  1. Throw Parabolic Microphone (On), Salt and 1 Incense over the gate.
  2. Take Igniter and 1 Incense and go inside:
  3. Pick up Salt and put around the benches on the left of the entrance.
  4. Take the other Incense and hide behind the benches.
  5. Wait for the hunt to start and keep your distance from the ghost, use Incense if needed.
  6. Go back inside the van and decide what ghost it was using the Ghost Guide.

Ghost Guide

Imposible ghosts to find without evidence:

  • Spirit
  • Banshee (in solo, optimal in team of 4)
  • Jinn (Broken Breaker)
  • Mare
  • Shade
  • Demon
  • Yurei
  • Goryo
  • Myling (Extremely quiet)
  • Onryo (Imposible without Onryo test/Firelight)
  • The Mimic

Posible ghost to find without evidence:

  • Wraith
    No footprints in salt.
  • Phantom
    Slower blinking than usual, infrequent blinking.
  • Poltergeist
    Lots of throwing really fast.
  • Revenant
    Fast in line of sight, slow otherwise.
  • Oni
    Blinking extremely fast, visible all the time.
  • Yokai
    Cannot detect things from far away, ex. talking to the ghost.
  • Hantu
    Slightly faster then usual, freezing breath
  • The Twins
    Slower or faster depending on which twin.
  • Raiju
    Fast closer to equipement.
  • Obake
    Can turn into different ghost models while blinking.
  • Moroi
    Really fast but not as fast as Thaye, distracted for longer time with Incense.
  • Deogon
    Super fast but really slow when close.
  • Thaye
    Fastest ghost.


This guide was created with the help of this video by Insym:
You can watch this video if you want a more visual guide.

By Viovyx

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