Post Void: Achievements Guide 100%

Here is a guide on how to get the 100% comletion.
Post Void is a chaotic yet fun to play shooter. The achievements aren’t that bad either. It took me about an hour and a half to beat the game and get all the achievements. Also, the game is a bit of an eyesore. If that sort of thing bothers you I recommend turning on accessibility mode (video section in settings). With that being said, let’s just get into it.

Act 1 Completed
Act 1 is the first and the easiest section of the game. The only enemies you’ll face are the suits and the flamingos. Aim your mouse towards the middle of the screen and always try to aim for the head. You’re very fragile so just one enemy can easily kill you, an instant kill is therefore the best way to go.

Act 2 Completed
Act 2 is where things start to ramp up considerably. Three new enemies show up in this one. Telehands, annoying drones who slow you down, crying hands, turret like enemies, and fleshwalls, basically just a wall you have to shoot. This section also has more enclosed spaces and “parkour”. My advice still stands for suits and flamingos. Telehands are pretty annoying but also fragile. They travel in groups so explosive rounds are good at taking them out. Any weapon other than the pistol can mop them up pretty easily so I recommend swapping it. Crying mouths do a decent amount of damage but can’t dodge your shots. Flesh walls… are just there.

Act 3 Completed
This is the last true section you have to face. As such, it’s the hardest. Most of the suits have been replaced by faster shooting white suits. Other than that all of the previous enemies attack in full strength.

There’s a build that can make this and all of the others much easier. Combining the shotgun with explosive rounds and bouncing bullets melts anything in your path. It turns the game from a shooter to a point and click adventure. Getting this build early on will make the rest of it much easier so focus on those three upgrades.

Reach the Void
There’s one final section before the end. Don’t let your guard down too early, there’s still a decent amount of enemies you have to fight. It’s definitely easier than act 3 but will still prove a challenge. After that, approach the thing after the final corridor you’ll have beaten the game.

Secret Achievements
There are 3 secret achievements to get. They’re pretty easy to do and you might have accidentally gotten them.

Die 20 times, if you didn’t get this trying to get the last four simply let yourself be killed by the first enemy. Rinse and repeat.

Weapon Master
Use all four weapons. You get the pistol automatically and the other four you get from the upgrade screen after each level. After getting the uzi, knife, and shotgun it should pop up.

Shut up! Give me more?
Go to settings, audio, and then turn the music slider all the way down. Yeah…

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