POSTAL Redux: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Welcome welcome to the BEST, to the MOST DETAILED guide on Postal Redux. I’ll try to cover 100% of the entire game, from the story to the easter eggs and secrets. So I hope you enjoy and find everything you needed to know about this bloody funny mess.


Something about Postal Redux

Is a faithful recreation of POSTAL, the game sports redrawn high definition art for the original levels, fully animated character models, animated loading screens, improved controls, a remastered soundtrack, and re-recorded dialogue, with Rick Hunter reprising his role as the Postal Dude.

New to the game is The Carnival, a level placed between The City and Central Park. It features Clowns as a unique NPC. A new weapon, the Revolver, has been introduced, boasting high damage and accuracy with the trade-off of having a smaller damage radius than most weapons.

Update History

Co-op Update
On August 23rd 2016, Online Co-op was added to the game as a free update. This allows up to 4 players to rampage through a more difficult version of the main campaign with a unique ending. The player can also play with AI-controlled clowns/bots similar to the “morons” in Share The Pain.

Super Delivery Update
On September 30th 2016, the six levels from the Super Postal and Special Delivery expansions were redone and added to the game in a separate Super Delivery mini-campaign, stringing the levels together. Every level can be played consecutively in the “Excess Postage” campaign.

Also added are new graphical options, new achievements, multiplayer improvements, new NPCs, a new Nightmare difficulty for the main campaign, and additional playable characters that are “Not Important”.

Deathmatch Update
On January 1st 2017, Multiplayer Deathmatch was added to the game, along with several bugfixes and improved load times. Along with this, the Soundtrack for POSTAL Redux was released on RWS’ YouTube channel with clean versions of the animated loading screens (except for The Farm, The Construction Site, The Industrial Complex, and The End).

Changes from the Original

Several weapons have been redesigned and re-balanced:

  • The Psychiatrist in the ending cutscene is now voiced by Corey Cruise who voiced the Postal Dude in Postal III.
  • the machine gun (now the Submachine Gun) no longer has infinite range, mines have a greater blast radius, and the spray cannon now uses its own ammo type.
  • Executions now have separate animations for each weapon instead of defaulting to the SMG.
  • An alt-fire button has been added for throwable weapons and mines.
  • The entry point for some of the levels has been changed to better connect them together.
  • The Main Menu and the loading screens have been redrawn for extra detail and are now animated.
  • The soundtrack has been remade from scratch, with original tracks for Rampage Mode. Both the
  • Special Delivery and Super POSTAL levels now have their own loading themes instead of reusing the theme from the Air Force Base.
  • The achievement “Misunderstood Savior” is no longer failed if a civilian gets killed by a hostile, compared to “Boondock Saint” in the original POSTAL.
  • An exit appears after killing enough hostiles instead of having to press F1 to progress to the next level.
  • The original ending stage (the Elementary School) has been replaced with a new end level, appropriately called “The End”. Running with Scissors themselves have stated that the change was made because they believed the original ending had lost its shock value, as school shootings have become more common.


The story of Postal is pretty simple, and it goes something like this:

“The game follows a man named Postal Dude who has just moved into a city named Paradise, but after a while he gets evicted from his home. He believes that the United States Air Force is releasing poison gas in his town and only he is unaffected. Fighting his way to the Air Force Base, trying to destroy the source of evil coming from the base.”

This is just a little summary of the whole Postal story. To get a more detailed version you can check out my other guide, which will show you the full and detailed story of Postal.


This section will include all the achievements and how to obtain them. Along with a few tips for the harder ones.

Descent into Madness

Make your first kill

Share The Pain

Run into someone while you’re on fire

Instruments Disorder

Throw a molotov at the Marching Band.

The Unlucky Chosen Ones

Perform 13 executions (press “X” near a person crawling on the ground)

Combustible Circular Crates

Blow up 50 barrels

Fording the River Styx

Reach the half way mark of The Original or Excess Postage campaign

Rocket Power

Kill four or more people with a single Rocket Launcher missile

Games Are Bad!

Kill all the game protestors in Ghetto

No Time to Bleed

Finish a level with less than 10 health

Left the Building

Commit suicide (Press “K”)

Extinction Event

Kill all Ostriches in The Farm

The Final Descent

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign

To the Very End

Watch the whole credits

A Better Mousetrap

Kill three or more people with a single Mine explosive

Modern Day Noah

Execute two of every hostile type

Smells Like Victory

Kill 30 people with the Napalm Launcher

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Earn a kill with every weapon

A Brush With Death

Duck under 10 rockets

Knee Deep in the Dead

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign having left no survivors

Basically, go nuts. Kill anything that moves and will add %’s to your count. The game will show you if you really killed everyone on top right under the “Hostiles Killed” count.

The Mad Four

Complete every level in Co-op mode. For this one you can do it in multiplayer mode or even in singleplayer mode, but you’ll be forced to play with Clown sidekicks. Who are worse than your russian teammates with 500 ping.

Total Destruction

Complete all Rampage levels. Doesn’t matter what rank you get, you just have to complete them all.

Misunderstood Savior

Complete The Original or Excess Postage campaign having killed only hostiles. Here are a few tips:

1) Save after every level, only if you really killed only hostiles!
2) If you press “K” to reset the level and try again, it wont work, you have to load the level manually again
3) If a hostile kills an innocent, without your help, it wont count as an innocent kill.
4) Try to use insta-kill weapons as much as possible (Rocketlauncher, Granades, Revolver, Flamthrower)
5) You dont have to kill all the hostiles, only get to the same % as the level wants you to.
6) The game itself will tell you once you killed only hostiles!! In the top right corner under the “Hostiles Killed” count.

Against Impossible Odds

Complete the Excess Postage campaign in Nightmare difficulty. Here are a few tips:

1) Get ready, mentally, cause you’re gonna get your ass kicked.
2) Keep your distance, dont let anyone get near you and MOVE. Dont stand still.
3) Try to utilize every weapon in your arsenal. Dont go blasting around with ONLY your shotgun, use the M16 and shotgun combo to waste less ammo.
4) When everything fails or you run out of ammo, use the M16. It’s a great weapon with an amazing range, SO USE IT! Even thought it doesn’t do as much damage, it’s great for killing lonely hostiles.
5) Learn the layouts of the levels and places where hostiles will be. Don’t let them surprise you!
6) Always blow up barrels and explosive props in every level for a few easy kills.

Quick to the Slaughter

Complete The Original campaign with a total play time of 30:00 or less. Here are a few tips:

1) Practice in Rampage mode if you need to
2) Turn on the speedrun timer in the Game options
3) Try to avoid pausing, make sure you are focused and stay in the Postal Flow™
4) Play on Easy difficulty (obvious, I know)

Flawless Execution

Perfect all Rampage levels. Here are a few tips:

1) You have to get an A+ on all of the levels, not just an A.
2) Keep your kill combo as high as possible, its one of the most important parts of your final score
3) Executions stop your combo for a few seconds, so try to think ahead a bit
4) There are 3 most important categories for your final score: Creativity, Time and Combo
– Creativity: Try to switch weapons after every kill or at least after few kills. Use every weapon available in the level
– Time: Try to finish the level as quickly as possible with the highest possible combo
– Combo: Pretty self explenatory, you will never get an A+ if your combo wont be as high as possible. You have to kill and execute everyone, try to execute them immidetly once they hit the ground. And for some extra points, always use molovs for groups of hostiles and civilians.

At last: This, is a really hard achievement. Like, really hard. So try to be patient and take breaks, you might want to pull your hair out in frustration but in the end, its possible. Just really frickin hard.
Thank you RWS for this nightmare.


Ah yes, the amazing arsenal of Postal Redux. Any weapon you can desire, from a Machine Gun to a Flamethrower. Rockets, grenades and many more! Here we will look at all the weapons, with some description and tips to every weapon in Postal Redux.

So let’s start it all with the Machine Gun

Machine Gun

An amazing all around weapon, can be a great combination with the shotgun in the few first starting levels.


  • Unlimited ammo
  • Long range
  • Great combo weapon, goes well with anything
  • Rapid firing speed


  • Low damage

Also a great combo weapon, only with a slower firing speed, but shooting around 6 bullets at once.


  • High damage
  • Again, great combo weapon


  • Short range
  • Slow firing speed
Spray Cannon

This weapon is a beast, an automatic shotgun that will massacre anything that crosses its path. So watch your ammo have fun.


  • Insane damage
  • Super fast firing speed


  • Wastes all your shotgun shells quickly
Missile Launcher (Normal Missiles)

Great weapon for hostiles in long distances that you dont wanna mow down with your Machine Gun and its also a one shot one kill weapon.


  • Unlimited range
  • Kills anyone in one shot


  • Not enough ammo
  • Prepare to miss most of your shots
  • Slow firing speed
Missile Launcher (Heatseeking Missiles)

An alt fire for the rocketlauncher, functions the same only locks on any living target in sight.


  • Unlimited range
  • Kills anyone in one shot
  • Locks on target


  • Not enough ammo
  • Slow firing speed
  • Sometimes doesn’t work
Napalm Launcher

This monstrosity creates a trail of fire as it hits and travels forward across the ground. Setting anyone on fire that stands in its way.


  • Larger fire radius than molotov
  • Insta kills anyone that gets set on fire


  • Most of the time really useless, since almost never hostiles run at you behind eatchother

Last but not least, one of the most effective weapons in Postal and my personal favourite. Fires a long string of flame, setting anyone on fire that comes in its path.


  • 200 Flame rounds
  • Instakills anyone that gets set on fire
  • Pretty far reach


  • Flame rounds run out pretty quickly

The first throwing weapon you will find. You can kill also kill multiple people with one explosion. No locked range like in P1 for any throwables.


  • Kills anyone with one explosion
  • Good for groups of hostiles


  • Small explosion radius
  • Locked range

A better version of the grenade, on impact explodes into a ring of fire, setting any living creature in its radius on fire, resulting in an auto kill.


  • Whoever gets sets on fire automatically dies
  • Good for group of hostiles
  • Large explosion radius
  • Hostiles that are set on fire, can set others on fire too by running into them


  • None! Probably only a small supply

Small little devices that you can throw on the ground under you. Once a hostile or civillian steps on said mine, it explodes. Sounds lame? Yeah it really is.


  • Insta-kill utility
  • Once placed in tight corridors, it becomes somehow useful


  • Low supply
  • Just use anything else instead


Now that we have the weapons covered up, we need some targets to shoot at, right ? So why not choose a few out of Postal’s selection. In here I will show you all the hostiles, aswell as their equipment and such.

Police Officers

The first most common enemy that you will encounter is the male and female police officer. Spawning literally in every level.

Equipment: Machine Gun, Shotgun or Automatic Shotgun, depending on the difficulty.


Also a hostile that you encounter in every level, only throwing grenades or molotovs.

Equipment: Grenade, Molotov


One of the stronger enemy types, appearing pretty early in the game as you progress. His only weapon being an assaut rifle.

Equipment: Assault rifle

Military Troop

A stronger version of the SWAT Unit, appearing in the later levels. Also carrying an assault rifle.

Equipment: Assault rifle


Another very common hostile. Carrying only missiles and heatseeking missiles on higher difficulty.

Equipment: Missiles, Heatseeking Missiles


And finally, the only artificial hostile in the game, a sentry that shoots bullets like the Machine Gun, spreading fire or shooting like an Auto. Shotgun. It can literally shoot anything.

Equipment: Machine Gun, Auto. Shotgun, Napalm Laucher, Flamethrower, Rocketlauncher


Next to weapons that you can find in the field, there are also many power-ups that will help you a lot along the way too. So lets take a look at them.


They restore up to %25 of the player’s health. They can also overcharge the player’s health up to 1000Hp (200 in-game points).


It gives the player ten armor points (known in the source code as “Kevlar Layers”). Each point will block one instance of bullet damage. It will not protect against Explosive or Burn damage.


It is a supply crate containing ammunition and weapons. It can also be blown up which has no penalty as the contents will just appear on the map for the player to pick up.


When picked up, the player has the ability to carry twice as much ammunition (three times in the case of missiles, mines, and napalm). It also has a cosmetic effect, appearing on the player’s back. If the player is killed, he will lose the backpack and will have to recollect it again.

Other items also include mostly just ammo that you can pick up. Wanted to cover the most important/main ones.


This section will include all the cheats available ingame.

!!! Warning !!!
  • You cannot unlock achievements
  • Progress you make toward locked achievements will not count
  • Saving the game is disabled, including autosave (Campaign)
  • You will receive a “Cheats Used” penalty equal to the amount of points you score (Rampage)
  • High scores and grades will not be saved and you cannot unlock or view the ending until a score has been recorded for every level (Rampage)

Healthful – Maxes out health
BlockMyAss – Maxes out armor
CarryMore – Gives backpack
AssaultAndBattery – Gives assault rifle
BlowMe – Gives balloon gun
Flamenstein – Gives flamethrower + ammo
TitanIII – Gives rocket launcher + ammo (normal and seeker)
Sternomat – Gives napalm launcher + ammo
PeaShooter – Gives pistol
JesseJames – Gives revolver + ammo
TheBestGun – Gives scattergun + ammo
Shellfest – Gives shotgun + ammo
CrotchBomb – Gives mines
LobItFar – Gives grenades
Rioter – Gives molotovs
Dynomyte – Gives dynamite
MagicMags – Gives infinite ammo for all currently-owned weapons
AlaMode – Toggles god mode
NoPlaceLikeOz – Opens exit
YoureTooSlow – Toggles sonic speed
IAmSoLame – All of the above in one cheat
BegForThis – Wimpy enemies mode (one shot injures)
NoHUDPlease – Toggles HUD visibility
MyteaMouse – Shrinks all characters (toggle)
GimmeHead – Enlarges all characters’ heads
WitchDoctor – Shrinks all characters’ heads
YourHeadASplode – All enemies have their heads exploded on death
SuddenlyISee – Maxes out the camera view
TunnelVision – Drastically contracts camera view
ClowningAround – Turns all NPCs into clowns
RaisedInABarn – Turns all NPCs into dancing ostriches
LongArmOfTheLaw – Turns all bystanders into hostile police officers
MichaelBay – Turns all NPCs into rocketeers or grenadiers, and explodes all barrels on the map
Groovy – Toggles slow motion
TheQuick – Quick firing speed on all weapons


As well as many hostiles, weapons and achievements. Postal surprisingly offers some secrets too! Those secrets are mostly hidden places in some maps that reward you with health and ammo. So if you are playing on some of the higher difficulties, those secrets will help you out with your killing spree.

Parade of Disasters

(located in the bottom left corner of the level)


(located in the bottom right corner of the level)


Train Station




(located in the top left corner of the level, after a hidden tree passage)

Easter Eggs

In Postal there are also many easter eggs to find! Some of those easter eggs are just sounds that objects on the map do when you get close to them. But there are also some neat references. So lets take a look at them.

EZ Mart
Postal 20th Anniversary Edition

A reference to a physical release of Postal 20th Anniversary Edition.


A reference to the famous plush doll created by RWS, first featured in Postal 2.

West of Loathing Poster

A reference to a poster in the Postal 2 arcade, which is a joke about a game called Hatred.


A reference to a poster that can be found in the Fair level of Blood: Fresh Supply.

Pigeon Hunt

A reference to a cut mission from Postal 2.

The Ghetto – No Lemons

A reference to an achievement in Postal 2.

The Ghetto – RWS

The creators of the Postal series. (Besides 3)

The Outskirts – Broadcast

A TV news report can be heard once you get close to the window, talking about your recent killings.

Easter Eggs located in the Super Postal expansion are mostly just jokes about some landmarks in those cities

Osaka – Koliko Running Man

Osaka – The Canal

Tokyo – Sega

Tokyo – Toshiba

Tokyo – Godzilla

(besides this one, obviously)


Coat Colors

Like in the original Postal, you also have a pretty big selection of colorful coats for your Dude. They can be found in the pause menu/settings (Settings>Game>Coat Color). There is also one neat “easter egg” added into the coat selection once you click it, but more on that later.



Pick your favourite!

Special Characters
Postal Dude

The one and only, the man of many unique phrases and one-liners, you all know him. The Postal Dude. Also being the main star of all the other Postal games, so far. And lets hope it stays that way!

Not Important (The Antagonist)

The Antagonist is the only character that has be unlocked with a special phrase that you have to write in the in-game chat. mynameisnotimportant After you press enter you should hear “My name is not important”. And from there you can select him as a playable character!

Smiley the Clown

Honestly, I kinda have no idea how I unlocked this character. You probably get him automatically after you complete the Carnival level. The wiki says ♥♥♥♥ so your guess is probably as good as mine.

Game Filters

Another special feature that can make your game a bit spicier, or headache inducing if you feel like it. You can choose from 10+ special filters, ranging from the original 1997 P1 filter to a Dev Room or a Hatred filter.

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