POSTAL Redux: Tips for Misunderstood Savior Achievement

Some tips and tricks I learned when going for the Misunderstood Savior achievement.


In this guide I will tell you some of my tips that I learned for earning Misunderstood Savior, an achievement where you have to play through the game while only killing enemies and not innocents. These are mostly from my experiences, so they might not work with you.

Innocent kills
Innocent kills only count if you are the killer, So If a enemy accidentally kills a innocent, it won’t count. (This one might not be true, You will have to test it yourself)

How to Tell if you did a level correctly
To tell if you only killed hostiles in a level, just check at the top ui bar. If it says “No innocent casualties!” It means you did a level correctly.

Try to not use explosives.
Using explosives is risky, as you might kill a non-hostile in the process. This is why I recommend you play on easy, as there won’t be as many enemies. This applies to the Rocket launcher, Grenades, Molotov’s, And the mines. (but who uses those LOL)

The Revolver is your friend.
Try to use the revolver when there are many innocents around a enemy. It fires one high damage shot that is accurate, so it has a very low chance of hitting one of the innocents if you have a clear shot.

Try different paths.
If you keep failing, try moving in a different path. There will always be multiple directions you can go in a level.

Never give up!
Giving up is the worst thing you can do. It’s boring, and it’s no fun.
By Lego

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