Princess & Conquest: 2021 Halloween Outfits Guide

Here are all locations of the 5 new Halloween outfits in Princess & Conquest.


First Things First
You can only collect these chests during the Halloween period (pc clock between Oct 29th-Nov 2nd) or during the Bitterleaf season in game.

Eldritch Princess
Located in wolf cave in a secret area to the top right. Break the wall with some kind of club or mace. Also the same location Moth Princess gets a unique look if you bring her here.
Unlocks Outfit Beaming Bride

Crusader Princess
Located in the Goddess Monastery in the back area by the cathedral garden, top right by the gallows

Unlocks outfit Final Plea

Holstaur Princess
Located at the Holstaur Farm in the back area where the cow races start.

Unlocks the outfit Cow Bones.

Moss Princess
Not located yet. If you’ve found it let me know.

Located in the Kobold Mines Near the back where you do the quest Crystal Fever.

Unlocks the outfit Cucco Knight.

 For Crusader Princess and Amelie Locations.

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