Princess & Conquest: Tips & Tricks

Some simple tricks and tips to help people new to the game.


Princess & Conquest Tips & Tricks

  • You lose all none equipped items, princesses and left over swirlies at the end of a route, so keep that in mind before you finish a route. You can side step all of you items being taken from your inventory by using the Mystery Box you get from the mimic side quest. Basically, you use the box right before you finish a route and it puts all your most of your items in it and when you start again just open the box up again. Be warned though that using the box too early can break the game by taking quest items from your inventory.
  • Combat can become annoying when you have to repeatedly kill groups of enemies, so get a dragon heir and load them up with swirlies and good gear. Combat is now a thing of the past as you easily cleave through every thing.
  • Don’t waste your time trying to find out what your supposed to do by yourself, use the wiki to see, specifically the fandom one. The wiki on the official website lack a lot of a important information, but can sometime can have things not on the fandom wiki
  • You can adjust day length in settings to avoid just waiting for the day to pick up a new quest or wait for a specific time.
  • You can obtain infinite swirlies by using family jewels and interacting with golem princess indefinitely, especially if you have a macro.
  • Use ctrl to fly if you have a character that can; this is very use full because it cuts down on travel time and allows you to skip the mountain pass.
  • If you want a succubus companion just spam Testos-x night after night.

By Trashy Gamer

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