Project Zomboid: Best General Build 2022

Here is a chad starter and pro build! it’s my favourite traits in Project Zomboid into one overpowered build for all to use!

Dah Build

Mr. Bacon’s Project Zomboid Trait Guide

My personal favourite traits: (I play Sprinters)

-Negatives first of course-

  • You start with +8
  • Choose unemployed +8, that’s +16 already!!!111!

  • High thirst, water is hecking abundant in the apocalypse +6
  • Pacifist, literally 25% less experience with fighting, free +4
  • Restless sleeper, literally just sleep 1 hour longer +6
  • Smoker, lighters are everywhere and zombies drop cigs… +4
  • Slow healer, don’t get hurt, be a chad, drive safely +6
  • Slow reader, free in singleplayer, 30% slower reading. +2
  • Weak stomach, don’t eat rotten food and cockroaches +3
  • Short sighted, -2 foraging area range… who forages? +2

Altogether that’s 45 points to spend! Wow I am great.


  • Cat’s eyes, makes you see in the dark good af -2
  • Outdoorsman, never catch a cold, rain is nice -2
  • Dextrous, 50% faster looting, good for fast raids -2
  • Strong, makes you a melee chad, you carry more -10
  • Athletic, you can now skip leg day in the apocalypse -10
  • Thick skinned, tired of dying from an unlucky bite? -8
  • Fast learner! Gain a 30% bonus in leveling! (except fitness and strength)
    This will cancel out pacifist mixed in with slow reader giving you 105% to melee leveling,
    ㅤㅤand of course learn everything (except fitness and strength) 30% faster! -6

That all costs you 40 points, you got 5 left. This is mostly up to you.

Lose the smoker trait and just choose speed demon (chad) or…
I prefer light eater and speed demon, light eater making you need 25% less food is nice in 6 months in gameplays.

There are many traits you can use with 5 points so it’s up to you!

Maybe even get Sunday driver and spend those 6 points on organised, carry more with you and become a hoarder like your mom grandmother.

This was my build, the real Mr. Bacon, signing off.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Prone to Illness +4, just stay out of the rain and cold weather.
  • Thin Skinned +8, if you’re a chad and don’t get attacked because you killed every zombie.
  • Sunday driver +1, you drive really fricking slow, but good if you’re learning to drive.
  •  Conspicuous +4, those zombies already see you from far away, makes them see you from double the average radius.
  • Wakeful -2, tired of falling asleep halfway into battle? This removes the need for sleep by 30%! Remember at max you can do 95% less damage if you’re ridiculously tired. Good if you struggle to find shelter.

Please remember with Burglar as an occupation, many zombies drop keys and cars might have keys in the ignition or in the cubby yes yes yes

There’s a lot to do with traits,
some points have been changed,
but this is the basics.

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