Project Zomboid: Modded Multiplayer Utility

I decided to write small DOS script to take care of that mod mismatch problem. That way Multiplayer can just work without the big hassle.


How it all works

Basically the mod mismatch can occur when steam forgets to do it’s job and update a mod as it should.

This tool will delete all your Mods, and can back them up as well if you have Winrar or 7-zip. It can also do the same for multiplayer servers themselves. If the servers mods are the issue this tool can delete/backup them as well!

Then all you have to do is restart steam, and go to the workshop… sub, and unsub a random mod to kick steam into action mode so it can download all of them correctly this time!

This DOS script was made for Windows 10, and I can’t guarantee it will work with every set up. This is because of things such as, custom steam libraries locations, Winrar & 7zip not being installed in program files.

It’s not perfect but, I decided to put it out here for any others that might find it useful.

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