Ravenfield: How to Boost FPS (60+ FPS)

Having difficulty reaching 60 FPS? This guide is for you!



FPS is very bad accross most machines at the moment, mine (i7 6700k and a GTX 1060) is dropping below 60fps at 50+ bots. These are some methods i’ve learnt and use to recover some FPS before a patch is dropped by SteelRaven.

Evil Mods

Certain RavenField mods such as weapons or vehiclels take a very heafty toll on performance, to fix this follow the steps below
But first, Disable all mods (Via custom vehicles/weapons tab pre-match) to see if mods are an issue. If no boost is gained skip this step entirely.If mods are an issue, it is always reccommended to give bots standard weapons, those which you did not get from the workshop. The best weapons to allow bots are,

M1 Garret

.357 Condor


Medic Bag
Ammo Bag

Modders sometimes don’t take into account the amount of detail in their mods, especially with vehicles. It is best to choose vehicles from the workshop that fit the Ravenfield style, here a guide:

Left: Very detailed, sharp and reflective
Right: Rounded, RavenField style


Your settings may be the culprit, here’s the fix.

Boxmen models (Enable this when dropping below 60fps with large bot numbers.)

Fullscreen (Always on, every game)

‘Simple Graphics’ (This provides an FPS boost whilst retaining visual quality.)

70 FOV (Less objects rendered in is always good.)

Weather Effects (Off – like you’re really staring at nature in the midst of a battle.)

Color Correction (Leave it on, I get worse FPS with it off.)

Cloth Physics (Off, for a minor benefit but it adds up.)

Bloom (Again, off for a minor change, but do as you will.)

Change this if you really need to. Drop down to 1280×720 for the most FPS boost with little visual change. Futher drop to 640 × 480 for the absolute best increase.

BETA Branch

If your on the BETA Branch you are playing the unoptimized Ravenfield. Switch back to normal if all these steps have failed you.

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