Ravenfield: How to Delete Configs (Windows & Mac)

This guide will explain how to delete game configurations.


Finding the configs
In the Windows search bar, type “Run”. Once you find the application called “Run”, open it. Delete whatever is typed in the Run application and retype %appdata%. Press “OK”.

Deleting the configs
Once your files open up, go to “LocalLow” inside the %appdata% folder. Then, go to the “SteelRaven7” folder. After that, open the folder that says game configurations. Delete the configs that you want to delete. They will have the names of the configs in there so you know which is which.

If your smart enough to not need that much detail, then here you go:

How to do it on mac
_Stripey said this in the comments, so I decided to include it with his permission

For anybody wondering how to delete game configs on mac, type ~/library/Application Support into Spotlight. Scroll down to the folder called unity.SteelRaven7.RavenfieldSteam, open it and find the ‘Configurations’ folder. Here, your configs (which should be named just as they are in the game menu) can be deleted.

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