Ravenfield: How to Make a Convoy 2021 (NO Mods)

This guide will show you how to make a convoy in game with vehicles, planes, helicopters, or boats.


For Vehicles
First, once all the bots spawn, you need to get a huge squadron, depending on the vehicles. The timestop mod makes this A LOT easier. After you do that, order them to enter a vehicle by holding G, hovering your hand over the vehicle, and once it says “Enter”, release G. You can do this for multiple vehicles until you are satisfied. After that, enter your own vehicle. Make sure your squad’s commands are set to follow, and boom, you’ve got yourself a vehicle convoy.

Airplane Formation/Helicopter Squadron
Do the same steps as the vehicle version, but with the planes. Note, when I did this, the planes were not directly on me, but following me.

Boat Squadron
Same thing as before lol.

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