Ready or Not: How to Replace Voicelines

A simple guide on how to replace those awful placeholders.


The voice folders are located in Steam/steamapps/common/Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/VO

Mods to Use
Currently supported mods are the TOC replacement and the SWAT 4 [] female voice lines.

Installing TOC replacement
1. Download the TOC replacement mod from ModDB.
2. Open the zip
3. Open the TOC replacement folder.
4. Make sure there is a folder labeled TOC inside that TOC replacement folder.
5. Rename the TOC folder in the VO folder to something else.
6. Drag the TOC folder from the zip into the VO folder.
7. Start the game.
8. Pick a map.
9. Shoot someone (or arrest them, I don’t care).
10. Report the body.
11. Done

Installing SWAT 4 female lines
1. Open the zip you downloaded from the Google Drive link.
2. Rename the GenericCivilianFemale_Young_01 folder in the VO folder to something else.
3. Drag in the GenericCivilianFemale_Young_01 folder from the zip to the VO folder.
4. Start the game.
5. Choose Gas, Hotel, Port, or Meth.
6. Go near a Female NPC
7. Done.

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