Ready or Not: “The Hanged Man” Achievement Guide

I was struggling with this achievement for a while and couldn’t find any specific information on how to get it. Sharing my knowledge for those who need it.   Overview “The Hanged Man” Achievement requires us to complete the Hide and Seek (Port) mission in either Commander or Practice mode with only the Taser, Flashbangs and the Bash … Read More

Ready or Not: Modding Guide (Recommendations and How to Install)

This guide will show you how to mod Read or Not and where to get the mods + a few of my mod recommandations for everyone.   Installing a mod (Example) The First step is navigating to your Ready or Not installation and finding the “Paks” folder. Steam\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks … Read More

Ready or Not: How to Decrease The Difficulty Of S Rank

The entire guide will be based on “just trust me, bro”, no scientific experiment, data or evidence will be provided, so the people reading this guide will know it is of “high reliability”. I will also not dive into equipment loadout, map layout or tactical maneuvers, as players tend to … Read More

Ready or Not: Armor & Munitions Walkthrough

This guide will go through a run-down of the Armor and Munitions system in Ready or Not.   Armor-Kit Types Currently, at the time this guide was made, there are 3 main armor types in RoN. Anti-Stab Light Armor Heavy Armor Each armor type has their own pros and cons … Read More

Ready or Not: Basic Guide for C2 Usage

This guide will go non-conveniently in-depth with C2 usage.   Introduction – Ghost of Kyiv What are C2 explosives? C2 explosives are one of the main breaching techniques in RoN. C2 is used to give unfortunate suspects quite the startle, and allows tactical response units to make a quick entry. … Read More

Ready or Not: Basic Guide for Beginners

This guide is generally for beginners and cover basic information about the game!   Basic Information This guide will cover most of the basics of RoN, this is heavily recommended for beginners. Note that I am not a pro at this game, this is just some basic stuff I wish … Read More

Ready or Not: Weapons Guide 2022

Hello Operator And Welcome To My Guide On The Weapons That Are Currently avaivable In The Game. I have listed The Stats (Rpm, mag cap Etc) For Every Weapon So I Hope You Get Some Good Information Out of This   Definitions I will list definitions For those who don´t … Read More

Ready or Not: Map/AI Settings (Hard but Fair)

Similar to kronzkys AI mod, this one aso adjusts the “AILevelData.ini” File. The settings are quite different though. I’ll try to explain most of it in the guide. My aim was to make the AI less superhuiman (without making them easy) and to adjust the configs for each map to … Read More

Ready or Not: Easy S rank on 4U Gas Station Active Shooter

Here is a guide for easy S rank on 4U Gas Station Active Shooter in Ready or Not Multiplayer or Singleplayer mode.   Multiplayer Loadout Remove armor Equip battering ram or breaching shotgun Only use non-lethal weapons (TAC70 works best) Steps 1. Breach front door 2. Once in the door, … Read More

Ready or Not: How to Replace Voicelines

A simple guide on how to replace those awful placeholders.   Location The voice folders are located in Steam/steamapps/common/Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/VO Mods to Use Currently supported mods are the TOC replacement and the SWAT 4 [] female voice lines. Installing TOC replacement 1. Download the TOC replacement mod from ModDB. 2. Open the zip 3. Open … Read More

Ready or Not: All Maps Guide

Maps extracted from the game and enhanced for better visibility. This Guide will help you to build your briefings and to memorize aspects of certain maps   Current Maps Welcome to the Ready Or Not! As you have been playing you probably found yourself in a situation unable to prepare … Read More