Ready or Not: Basic Guide for C2 Usage

This guide will go non-conveniently in-depth with C2 usage.   Introduction – Ghost of Kyiv What are C2 explosives? C2 explosives are one of the main breaching techniques in RoN. C2 is used to give unfortunate suspects quite the startle, and allows tactical response units to make a quick entry. Listed under ‘Tacticals’ (under Munitions) … Read more

Ready or Not: Weapons Guide 2022

Hello Operator And Welcome To My Guide On The Weapons That Are Currently avaivable In The Game. I have listed The Stats (Rpm, mag cap Etc) For Every Weapon So I Hope You Get Some Good Information Out of This   Definitions I will list definitions For those who don´t know them down bellow. Rpm – Rounds … Read more

Ready or Not: How to Replace Voicelines

A simple guide on how to replace those awful placeholders.   Location The voice folders are located in Steam/steamapps/common/Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/VO Mods to Use Currently supported mods are the TOC replacement and the SWAT 4 [] female voice lines. Installing TOC replacement 1. Download the TOC replacement mod from ModDB. 2. Open the zip 3. Open the TOC replacement folder. 4. … Read more

Ready or Not: All Maps Guide

Maps extracted from the game and enhanced for better visibility. This Guide will help you to build your briefings and to memorize aspects of certain maps   Current Maps Welcome to the Ready Or Not! As you have been playing you probably found yourself in a situation unable to prepare for the upcoming briefing and … Read more