Ready or Not: Basic Guide for C2 Usage

This guide will go non-conveniently in-depth with C2 usage.



– Ghost of Kyiv

What are C2 explosives?

C2 explosives are one of the main breaching techniques in RoN. C2 is used to give unfortunate suspects quite the startle, and allows tactical response units to make a quick entry.

  • Listed under ‘Tacticals’ (under Munitions)
  • Can only be placed on doors (Atm)
  • Can be removed after being placed
  • Works as, breaching device & stun

Plant & Removal


To place C2 explosives on a door, the officer must first equip C2 by pressing [4] (and if need be, pressing 4 again to switch between tactical devices). The officer must then approach the door closely and aim for about 2 inches above the door-knob, thereafter- the officer should be able to hold [F] to place the explosive.


To remove unwanted C2 from a doorway, the officer shall walk up to the C2 and simply hold F to remove it, ANY officer can remove another officer’s C2 explosive from a door.


To detonate a C2 explosive, it is recommended all officers in the area take a few steps back to ensure they are not stunned or injured. It is also recommended that officers mirror under the door to ensure civilians will not be killed by the blast.

To detonate the C2, you must ensure you have your detonator out- if it is not out, but instead your officer keeps pulling out C2, press right mouse button to pull out the detonator.

To detonate the C2, simply use your left mouse button.

Placing multiple C2 charges at once

As anyone who loves using C2 would ask, “can I blow open multiple doors at the same time though?” The answer to that question isĀ absolutely.

After placing your first C2 charge, you may notice that your officer keeps pulling out his detonator instead of a second charge, to pull out another charge, simply press your right mouse button. To bring back your detonator, simply repeat that process by pressing your right mouse button.

Known bugs

There are sometimes where C2 just doesn’t want to work properly, and sometimes it’s simply just not your fault, Ready or Not is an early access game, so expect bugs.

Some bugs I’ve found are..
  • C2 & detonator completely disappear out of hotbar even when I haven’t used all of my C2.
  • C2 blasts can kill civilians in completely irrelevant locations in the map (very rare though)

By TheGhostofKyiv

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