Ready or Not: Easy S rank on 4U Gas Station Active Shooter

Here is a guide for easy S rank on 4U Gas Station Active Shooter in Ready or Not Multiplayer or Singleplayer mode.




  • Remove armor
  • Equip battering ram or breaching shotgun
  • Only use non-lethal weapons (TAC70 works best)

1. Breach front door
2. Once in the door, 3 people go to the left side of the map, 2 people to the right
3a. Person A goes directly to the kitchen and clears it
3b. Person B goes directly to the restaurant
3c. Person C takes the door on the left in the bathroom hallway and clears the outdoor and warehouse area
3d. Person D checks the right side closet then goes directly to the kitchen
3e. Person E peeks the restaurant then goes into the kitchen
4. Go back and check every area (bathrooms included)
5. Pepperball, tase, and detain suspects
6. Collect evidence and detain everyone



  • Equip AI with no armor or light armor
  • Give all AI ballistic shields and tasers

1. Make the AI equip the ballistic shield from the command menu
2. Breach the front door
3. Clear the map right to left
4. Once the shooters are found, send the AI or pepperball immediately
5. Detain everyone and collect evidence


  • The AI with shields and tasers is extremely overpowered. Suspects will waste all their ammo shooting the shields or get instantly tased and surrender
  • Most of the time the suspects will spawn in the kitchen, restaurant, or by the front door
  • There only 2 suspects in active shooter on this mission
  • There are no booby-traps
  • You can hit civilians with the TAC700 without repercussions. Put it on full auto and start blasting
  • Sometimes the civilians can hide behind the gas pumps at the start, or in the dark corners of the map so bring a flashlight or NVGs

By Michael422

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