Ready or Not: Basic Guide for Beginners

This guide is generally for beginners and cover basic information about the game!


Basic Information

This guide will cover most of the basics of RoN, this is heavily recommended for beginners.
Note that I am not a pro at this game, this is just some basic stuff I wish people had told me when I began playing RoN.
I will be covering the following…

  • Entering the Game (The Beginning)
  • Armor, Munitions, Equipment
  • Basic Controls
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Important Stuff to Note

The Beginning

Upon entering RoN, there are some important things to note.
Ready or Note is NOT an easy game with easy tasks, it is a realistic FPS game related to police encounters and violence.

Your best option is to either get familiar with the game by playing single player, or playing with a friend that already knows the basics of the game.

In-game, you will want to bind ‘Hold Low Ready’ to a key, as it does not come bound to a key when on start-up.
Low ready is where your officer will lower his weapon, but will be able to move faster. I heavily recommend binding this to [Left Shift].

The best way to get familiar with RoN is by simply messing around in the headquarters (lobby).
By going downstairs from the mission room, to the right will be the firing range, this and the shoot-house (found by taking a left instead of a right, and going straight) are a GREAT way to get familiar with your weapon, and overall the game’s weapon mechanics.

On the way to the firing range, you will find the weapon vendor / armory. This of course, is where you will setup your equipment.
By clicking on your primary or secondary weapon, you can change the firearm you have selected.
By double clicking on the weapon you have selected, or selecting “Modify Weapon” you can modify your weapon attachments.

Most of this is pretty straight forward.

Armor, Munitions, Equipment

Here, you can modify your officer’s body kit.
By selecting “Body Armor” you can select different armor kits and plate carriers that best suit your interest.
The less protection the body armor has, the more mobility and ammo/equipment you can have on your officer.
As for material, that is up to you, and whatever best suits your play style.

For ammunition type,
I recommend JHP, (Jacketed Hollow Point) as it does the most damage to enemies (when not hitting body armor).
AP rounds (Armor Piercing Rounds) are better at penetrating armor, however they are better at simply putting holes into a person rather than killing a person. (In my experience).

For shotgun ammunition type,
I recommend buckshot, even at decently long range it is good at dropping an armed suspect very quickly and efficiently.
Slugs have not proven themselves useful (in my experience, but it may differ for other playstyles).

For attachments,
I always recommend running a laser. Please note that IR (Infra-red lasers are ONLY to be used when you have NVGs equipped)
Your grip is best dependent on how much recoil your firearm of choice has. If your firearm has severe recoil, run a vertical grip.
If your priority is fast ADS time, run either a combat grip or an angled grip.

As with any other game, attachments have different results with different combinations and so on.
It is best to toy around with this to your needs. Note, when hovering over an attachment, it will show you the effects it has on your firearm on the right of your screen.

For head-wear, it is always best to select the headgear type that correlates with the rest of your load-out.
For example, if you are running CS Gas, wear a gas-mask. Of course, this is just a recommendation, but it is always best to run stuff together that make logical sense.

You will get the best out of this game when playing with a full squad of friends, communication and coordination is key.

I am definitely not a professional at this game, however this is simply just some stuff I wish I was told when I first began playing!

Basic Controls

For controls, they are pretty straight forward as other FPS games go, however..

  • To view your current objectives, hold tab.
  • To view your current ammo supply, hold R.
  • (Single Player Only) To change which squad you are commanding, scroll with your scroll-wheel. Yellow indicates all squad members. Red indicates Alpha & Bravo, Blue indicates Charlie & Delta.
  • To bash or hit any non-complying civilians, press B.
  • To activate any flashlight or lasers, press Y.
  • To activate any headgear (that needs activating at least) press N.
  • To lean, press Q, or E.
  • To tell a suspect or civilian to put their hands up, press F.

Basic Mechanics

Always remember that this game is NOT a run-and-gun shooter. You have to play it tactically and slowly if you want the best score out of your mission.
Also, it is important to remember that AI are not as dumb as you may think, they know how to hide, properly take cover and shoot at the right moments and time, always watch your back (or have your teammates cover you).

Important Stuff To Note

This game takes time to master, and it is very rare that you will get an A on your first mission.
Keep trying and honing your skills. Some people just need some encouragement, and that is okay.

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