Red Solstice 2 Survivors: Quick & Easy Builds

This is a guide for quick and easy to replicate builds that fill niche roles or have unique abilities/playstyles


Heavy Assault

This section of the guide covers certain builds you can use with the assault class.

The ‘Heavy Assault’ is a build I’ve designed to be a hybrid between the Heavy Class and the Assault class, getting to use some unique abilities to clear trash and suppress HVTs with ease.
This build uses the Minigun and Cerberus (Partially to match the color scheme of the Executor Armor)
Cohesion aids with giving infinite ammo for 6 seconds, and a further +1 second for each teammate within range of the ability, meaning that you can go ham on the trigger for up to a max of 13 seconds! It also reduces your reload time by 3.6 seconds at max level while providing a hefty 40% damage boost on reload.
Discipline is extremely powerful on weapons with large magazines since it allows you to maximize your damage output with the perk. Each level of the perk allows you to gain 4 stacks of a buff for hitting a target, increasing your damage by 5% per stack while lowering the spread of the Minigun. At max level you can get double damage with your stacks. Activating the perk turns the Minigun into a laserbeam of bullets.

Where these two perks synergize is that you can get about half your stacks or almost all of them using just the infinite ammo granted by Cohesion, which then leaves you your entire magazine to load into enemies with your double damage minigun. Some other things to note are that you need to take full life support as this gives you the most hp out of any class and will allow you to shrug off nearly any hit from all but the most damaging enemies. Secondly is that more resistance to damage isn’t needed once you buy the upgrades for you suit in the tech tree, as the Assault class already has the highest amount of hitpoints and damage resistance.

Stealth Scout

This build is another hybrid of the Recon and the Marksman classes. It’s designed to be a very powerful objective player and looter, while having it’s weapons and abilities fall off more on higher waves.
This is a build designed to be speedy so you can get to and from objectives while still having the time to loot to find items to supplement your low damage against higher tier enemies. Firstly, the Marksman class is the fastest class in the game to compensate for their extremely heavy snipers. We can abuse this by equipping them with the two lowest weight weapons in the game. The Rhino Pistol and the Thunder hand cannon. The two perks you will be running are Stalker and Conceal to aid with helping you avoid trash minions you are especially weak to. Then for you System perks. Melee Strike and Marauder are a must. Marauder gives you a further 20% speed boost and a 30% bonus to your primary weapon’s damage. Combine that speed boost with the squad boost after you complete and objective, and you will be moving 40% faster, while already being almost 2 full meters faster than your teammates. Second Conceal also gives a 5% speed boost at max level, and I’m not even taking into other speed boosts such as Stimulants and Medical Steroids.
You may be wondering why melee strike is on here since we’re so weak to ads. The answer is quite simply. Meleeing doesn’t break stealth! So with your incredible speed you can whip out your Thunder and walk to where you want to stealth, and if anything tries to chase you, you can just punch them.

All in all this build is for being as fast and sneaky as possible to allow you to get objectives done at the speed of light while also being able to loot. Another thing you can note is that you can use the SMG for a small downgrade to your speed, but you could then find the SMG System in the match which gives you a further 15% speedboost, which more than makes up for the small downgrade.

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