Resident Evil 4: How to Enable 𝐃𝐋𝐒𝐒 instead of π™π™Žπ™ (Steam Remake Version)

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By default, only the FSR 1/2 upscaling available in the game.
Using the REFramework, you can enable and use both DLSS and XESS.
But here I will tell you only about DLSS.
Easy steps.


How to Enable 𝐃𝐋𝐒𝐒 instead of π™π™Žπ™

Comparison image u can seeΒ there[]!
  1. Download ReFramework hereΒ here[]
  2. ExtractΒ dinput8.dllΒ from the zip file into your RE4 game install folder.
  3. DownloadΒ UpscalerBasePluginΒ hereΒ []Β and drop theΒ .dllΒ it into

    RESIDENT EVIL 4\reframework\plugins

  4. Download the DLSS.dllΒ hereΒ []. I recommend download theΒ 2.5.1 ver. instead ofΒ 3.1.11. cuz ghosting.
  5. PutΒ nvngx_dlss.dllΒ into

    RESIDENT EVIL 4\reframework\plugins

  6. Start the game.
  7. On ur left u can see the ReFramework menu, it can be toggled with the “Insert” key. The key can be changed under “Configuration”.
  8. In menu u can see TemporalUpscaling article. Click and now you need toggleΒ EnbaleΒ and after u can choose the DLSS quality level. Choose what you need.
  9. U need just also toggleΒ UpscaleΒ andΒ Jitter. Sharpness at ur discretion.
    DLAA gives better quality, but less fps.
  10. Enjoy ur sharper image and greater fps.

By Fan4eG

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