Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Small key Locations

This guide provides a chronological list of the Small Keys & Locked Drawer Locations and where you can first find them. The order in which you use these keys on locked drawers is not important. It’s important to note that once you advance the story too far, all collectibles become unattainable. After completing the story, there is no Chapter Select or Free-Roam available.


I left a video in the guide with the locations of keys and locked drawers. But if you prefer, There are images of the location of each one separated by chapters below.


Valley Small Key

After you pass the first Merchant, there is an area where many enemies appear. Inside a small box located in a house in the south.

Abandoned Factory Locked Drawer

Located in the area where you retrieve your belongings.

Village Chief’s Manor Small Key

After you come across a Chainsaw enemy in a wooded area, you will reach the Village Chief’s Manor. On the ground floor, you can find something in the corner.


Village Square Locked Drawer

Once you get back to Village Square, the locked drawer will be inside one of the houses.

Fish Farm Small Key

The small shed located on the left side at the end of the Fish Farm, adjacent to the building where you collect the fuel, contains an item necessary for obtaining a treasure (details will be provided below).

Quarry Locked Drawer

Near the merchant area, go down the ladder and you’ll find the locked drawer.


Lakeside Settlement Small Key

Find the small key on a cart in the same area as the Castellan, needed for the next treasure.

Lakeside Settlement Locked Drawer

Enter the house in Lakeside Settlement and open the drawer in the first room on the left with the small key.

Church Small Key

After entering the church with the Insignia and proceeding inside, the Small Key can be found on the right side of the altar.

Church Locked Drawer

The Yellow Diamond can be found in the typewriter save room of the church. To access it, use the Small Key to open the drawer.


Bindery Small Key

Found in the corridor after solving the Lithographic Stones Puzzle. Backtrack to the Bindery and use it to open the locked drawer for a treasure.

Bindery Locked Drawer

Located in the Bindery, use the Small Key on the locked drawer to acquire this treasure.


Grand Hall Small Key

Located in the room upstairs in the north. Open the cabinet on the left for a Small Key, which is needed for a treasure.

Audience Chamber Locked Drawer

In the Audience Hall, open the Locked Drawer with the Small Key found earlier.


Ballroom Small Key

Located in a small briefcase straight ahead of the elevator after using it at the beginning of the chapter.

Castle Battlements Locked Drawer

Located inside the Locked Drawer on the Castle Battlements. Open it with the Small Key obtained at the start of the chapter. The quickest way is through the Courtyard typewriter save room, then east and north over the small stairs on the side of the Castle Battlements.

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