Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Puzzle Solutions

A guide in which you can find all the puzzle solutions


The Village Puzzles

Hexagonal Emblem Gate Puzzle


Once you acquire the Hexagonal Emblem, simply interact with the hexagonal hole. The solution to the gate puzzle is to rotate to the left once, then flip the emblem. Afterwards, you will now be able to open the gate.

Combination Lock Puzzle

You can find the combination symbols by checking the highlighted text on the Illuminados 4:3 file. You can find this on top of the drawer on the second floor of the manor.

Crystal Marble Puzzle

You will need to complete the Combination Lock Puzzle to obtain the Crystal Marble inside the cabinet behind the dining area on the first floor of the manor.

Cave Shrine Puzzles



You can solve this by looking at the yellow markings found on the pillars and walls of the cave.

Stone Pedestal Puzzle

To solve the Stone Pedestal puzzle, slot in all three Hexagon Pieces, then rotate the lower-left section before rotating the uppermost section. If you make a mistake, we suggest reloading an earlier save, as figuring out the puzzle past its initial position may take a lot of time.

1st Rotate the lower left section.
2nd Rotate the uppermost section.


Church Stained Glass Puzzle

5 o’clock
7 o’clock
9 o’clock

You must rotate all the Stained Glasses in the correct position until there are no gaps in the Insignia.

The Castle Puzzles

Four Swords Puzzle

Place four different swords (Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, and Rusted Sword) in the correct sequence to open the locked door.

Animal Gong Puzzles

Shoot the Animal Gongs behind the gate. To learn which Animal Gongs to shoot, you can check the animal engravings displayed on the gate.

Lithographic Stone Puzzle

North Slot
West Slot
East Slot
South Slot
Red Shield
Red Helmet
Blue Sword
Blue Armor

You can solve this puzzle by rearranging all four Lithographic Stones according to the icon and color that is displayed near the slot.

Crimson Lantern Puzzle

Put the Crimson Lantern on the Cultist Statue that is not holding anything

You can solve this puzzle by getting the Crimson Lantern from the Cultist Leader and placing it on the Cultist Statue near the entrance.

Courtyard Maze Puzzle

You can solve this puzzle by pulling all three levers to activate the Courtyard Flags. These levers can be found on the towers that are scattered throughout the courtyard area

Dining Hall Bell Puzzle



Sit on the spot that has a similar table setting as the painting and ring the bell in the Dining Hall to solve this puzzle.

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