Resident Evil 4 Remake: “Revolution Wind-up” Achievement Guide

A new addition to this Remake, are the Castellans Clockwork collectibles, which are those collectible dolls featured in other games in the franchise that you can shoot to collect. When you destroy all Castleons you can get the achievement “Destroy all Mechanical Castleons”.


Chapter 1 – Mission Underway

The first one can be found inside this large dilapidated house where the first dynamite launcher was. Enter the house through the window and look at the broken roof, you will locate the first Clockwork Castellan.

Chapter 2 – Gift in the Blood

The second Clockwork Castellan it’s at the bottom of the room.

Chapter 3 – Infested Inside

This one is next to the merchant, when you go down the stairs, turn right then left, at the end of the hall, the Clockwork Castellan will be hidden at the top in a gap.

Chapter 4 – The First Daughter

Before leaving the altar, go to the north side, where a large wooden gate is blocking the exit, and look through the opening on the left. You’ll find the Clockwork Castellan on the left.

Chapter 5 – Glimmer of Hope

When you return to the house with Ashley, a ladder to the attic will unlock. When you go up look to the left of the factory photo and behind a box is a small table out of reach that has a chessboard and a bucket. The Clockwork Castellan will be behind.

Chapter 6 – Farewell, Village of Terror

Just before entering the Checkpoint area, climb down from the hut with the chalice and stop to inspect the large bonfire to the right of the narrow path. The Clockwork Castellan will be in front of the flames.

Chapter 7 – Shadows Within

When you break the barrel next to the Green Herb, look up left on top of the shelves to find another Clockwork Castellan.

Chapter 8 – Reunited

As soon as the El Giant appears to throw the stones, run to the right and go down, at the end go up the tower and go to the back of the roof of the tower. The Clockwork Castellan will be at the back of the tower’s terrace.

Chapter 9 – Dire Situation

In the upper northwest corner of the courtyard maze, under the stairs in the room where you first met Ashley, look behind the wooden planks against the wall to find the hidden Clockwork Castellan.

Chapter 10 – The Depths of Hell

When you exiting the merchant’s shop, check the sewer grate next to the shop and angle your light upwards to locate the Clockwork Castellan above.

Chapter 11 – Adios, Caballero

After the first minecart ride, following the path before picking up the second Clockwork Castellan minecart will be at the top of the room.

Chapter 12 – Overthrowing the Castle

Once the sniper on the back stairs is eliminated, check the northwest corner of the ground floor before heading upstairs. you’ll locate the Clockwork Castellan under the stone stairs in a covered chest.

Chapter 13 – Another Rescue

After arriving from the Wharf, but just before entering the Laboratory area, you can find the Clockwork Castellan under a truck.

Chapter 14 – Letting Go of the Past

After the cutscene, go through the large gates to enter a tunnel. Walk south into the tunnel, then find the Clockwork Castellan on the right, in a small building, in the cupboards on top of the campsite.

Chapter 15 – I’ll Do My Job

After passing through the Ruins and entering the next building, which is a dark room with body bags hanging from the ceiling. In the northern part of this area is a small room where the Clockwork Castellan can be found upstairs.

Chapter 16 – Darkest Before Dawn

After the final fight against the Saddler, during the timed escape, you’ll find the Clockwork Castellan on top of the boxes where there are enemies on the ground.

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