Resident Evil 4 Remake: Optimal Controller Aim Settings

Ingame settings to make aiming with Controllers responsive and tuned.



Just thought I would share my settings and feel free to share yours too, not sure if this will also match DualSense/DS4 but this makes combat consistantly fun and responsive with my Xbox series controller.

I found these settings helped me to quickly respond to enemies left and right without undershooting or overshooting, it essentially removes acceleration and very mildly slows the reticle when going over an enemy so as not to overshoot.

Options –> Controls

Reticle Deceleration = 2

This will slow your aim a small amount when passing over enemies, it’s subtle enough that you won’t get too stuck on someone in a group if you’re panning over but unless you have great stick discipline and can find a way to shrink the games deadzones i would highly recommend some small value here.

Options –> Camera

Maximum Camera Speed (Controller)

  • Normal Gameplay = 6
  • When Aiming = 2

Camera Acceleration

  • Both ‘Normal’ & ‘When Aiming’ = 10 (MAX)

By Maxing out the acceleration values you essentially disable it as the cursor goes to its max speed, set here above to 6 & 2, setting the value from 10 to 0 still keeps acceleration on and makes it take the longest time to reach max speed.

Try out the various Maximum Camera Speed settings yourself but remember that with deceleration on enemies its best to test in a combat situation unless you wanna disable that altogether.

Wrap up / A word on deceleration

Why not acceleration? Simply put the game seems to keep the acceleration when moving from one direction to the next, which would seem to make sense but in practice sometimes you swing to a side direction to hit a target, find you’ve overshot a little and go to quickly make a mild correction, but the acceleration is still applying so often results in an overcorrection.

With the more nimble and aggressive enemies in this game it just made sense to me reversing the curve, rather than accelerate the cursor to catch the enemy in your sights, giving you max speed immediately and helping apply the brakes when on target seemed more intuitive. Just remember it won’t count for treasure shooting :p

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