Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Artifact of Cognation

A guide to unlock the hidden Artifact of Cognation


Artifact of Cognation

To unlock the Artifact of Cognation, you will need to find a secret area that is only accessible in one of the six Desolate Forest variations (Number 4 in the Log Book).

Find the area in the screenshot below and climb down the vine near the ground to reach an underground chamber.

After accessing the hidden area you will need to quickly hit the two switches on the wall.
I’ve found this is easier if you start with the top one, as it is harder to hit if you don’t have many items.

Once you are able to activate both switches, a golem will spawn (This golem actually counts as a unique hidden enemy for one of the Huntress challenges).

Kill the golem (obviously) and then collect the Artifact of Cognation.

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