Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock ROBOMANDO

Quick guide to unlock the new secret character.


The First Run

Before starting:
Prophet’s Cape causes a crash, as long as you do not use this item you should be fine.

  1. In the character select screen, choose any character. I recommend Loader for the movement skills but any character works.
  2. Select Artifact of Command.
  3. Start a new game on Drizzle.
  4. Play the game normally until Stage 5, Temple of the Elders.
  5. There’s a clay pot on the far left or right side of Stage 5.
    It spawns behind a wall and will require movement skills or an item such as a hopoo feather to reach.Break the pot as you would open a container and get the equipment ‘Strange Battery’.

  6. Defeat the boss and proceed to the Final Stage, the Contact Light.
  7. Once on the Contact Light, get a keycard and then make your way to the Cabin.
  8. Drop off the edge and hug the wall to enter the Golem dancing room.
  9. Once in the Golem dancing room, you will need to walk through an invisible tunnel in order to find the Rift Chest.
  10. Put the Strange Battery into the Rift Chest by using the Interact button.
  11. Kill Providence or die from an enemy to end the first run.Important: Do not quit out otherwise the Rift Chest will not properly save.

The Second Run

  1. In the character select screen, choose any character.
  2. Select Artifact of Command.
  3. Start a new game on Rainstorm or Monsoon.
  4. Play the game normally until Stage 2.
  5. The Rift Chest will spawn in a random chest location on the map. Purchase and equip the Strange Battery again.
  6. Defeat the boss and proceed to Stage 3 with the Strange Battery.
  7. Defeat the boss on Stage 3 and charge the teleporter but do not press the teleporter button until the timer hits between 22:00 and 22:59.
  8. A red robot will spawn in a hidden room on Stage 4. The robot has a green arrow pointing towards it similar to drones. Interact with it but let it kill you.
  9. Congratulations! You have now unlocked ROBOMANDO.


Here are the skills that ROBOMANDO is equipped with.

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video created by ♡ Rare ♡ for how to unlock ROBOMANDO.


Thank you to everyone on the Risk of Rain Discord (https://discord.com/invite/riskofrain2) for finding this!

Below is a list of contributors who helped solve this puzzle:

  • mow_mow (aka Battery Obsessed)
  • -Jvdas-
  • omega
  • Boss24601
  • ♡ Rare ♡
  • pixxlated

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