Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Sniper Character

Tips and strategies on how to win the game and unlock the sniper character in risk of rain returns


Stage 1 – Difficulty: What difficulty?

It is recommended to play on rainstorm but you can also use this guide if you are struggling on any other difficulty.

Alright lets get to the point.
On the first stage you will want to find the teleporter as fast as possible and activate it immidiately. The faster you find it the better.
If you find any chests along the way either open them and get the item or if you are a peasent remember them for later as you might want to come back and get them if you have the time.
“What the hell i cant find the teleporter magic guide writer how are you so good at the game”

If you cant find the teleporter look out for small red particles in the air. These will spawn in a radius around the teleporter so that you can find it easier. If you walked across the whole map twice and still cant find it then you might have missed something or you are blind and in that case you probably cant play this game and i suggest you refund it before a lemurian shows up to your front door to ask you to “pay up nerd” (this is a common bug and it will likely be fixed in a later update)
Oh and i forgot to mention if you see a weird shrine with 3 blue thingies above it its a rule to activate it every time. If you dont feel like it its okay to not to tho.
(image of teleporter and its particles below)

Once youve found the teleporter you and activated it will find that a giant boss monster has spawned and its trying to kill you! Dont worry this isnt a bug, you have to kill this boss in order to teleport to the next stage.
If you are struggling to kill this (especially in such a short time) boss dont worry since im going to list on how to kill each one

This guy is very easy especially at the time you are probably at right now.
He has 2 moves, a stomp and a clap. Youll probably never get hit by the clap and even if you do you probably wont get hit again. Just keep your distance and shoot him.
If you are a melee character jump around him like a maniac and spam your moves until it dies. make sure to keep on trying to stand at the foot in which direction it isnt facing since it cant stomp on that one.

Just keep on moving when its throwing its balls at you and hit it when it isnt (safe option) or just hold your fire button the whole fight and spam jump. If it gets too close just run away a bit and do it again.

This is probably the hardest of these 3 bosses as it can appear in most stages for some reason.
You can quickly kill it if you have anything that does aoe damage or piercing as every single one of its segments counts as an individual hurtbox for the worm. You can dodge it by running away from it or by jumping in the correct direction as it floats down. It is okay if you die to this boss BUT it is also VERY important that you figure out how to kill this thing very fast as it has a risk to return in almost every stage + theres a very different boss with multiple segments aswell so get good and dont die to this thing.

“I did it guide man!!! i beat the boss!!”
good work but now you need to hurry up and go loot some items now while you have time. make sure to return to the teleporter when it is finished, as ive said already the faster the better.

Stage 2 – Difficulty: Green

Alright now that youve gotten to stage 2 you will do exactly what you did in stage 1 except that different enemies spawn and that more spawn. There are 2 enemies that may give you trouble here which is the parent and the greater wisp for the parent you just have to jump when it slams onto the ground and the greater wisp is the wisp but faster.

alright you got to the teleporter and now theres another boss that can kill you and you obviously dont want that to happen so how do you kill it?

This is a horrible terrible boss. If it has any elite modifiers you are probably dead. A normal lynx totem shouldnt be a threat. Try to use piercing/aoe moves when hitting it from the bottom and do your best to dodge the lynx archers and focus on killing the totem itself. oh also it does a slam attack when youre below it soo watch out for that i guess.

Very simple, dont stand under the lightning and you wont get hit. The other naturally spawning enemies are a greater threat than this guy.

Stage 3 – Difficulty: Entering slippery slope

If youve come this far, that means that you are not absolute dog poo at this game. It is okay to die at this point or any other point really but stage 3 is the stage youre gonna have to really improve your gameplay to pass.

Theres 2 enemies that might be a problem, the swift (bird) and the bighorn bison.
The swift charges at you when its charging cooldown is done and it is high enough above you. For this thing you need to walk in a straight line and it wont hit you.
The bighorn bison charges at you which can make it cross small gaps that it normally cant pass. For this guy you need to jump at the right time in its charging animation.

If this thing is alone you kill it like the colossus. But you are on stage 3 so theres enemies spawning and this thing is literally building walls to stop you from running away from the enemies so what do you do about that? Not alot, really. You just need to hope that you arent being chased by some overloading bison or something and get rid of ifrit as fast as you can. If you really dont feel confident in surviving being walled off you can also wait until the teleporter fully charges since enemies stop spawning then. Except if the teleporter is ontop of the bridge then youre forced to deal with ifrit.

3 attacks, a laser that does minisculine damage, a barrage of swipes that it does when youre below it, and a lunge of swipes, so what do you do about these? The laser you can just jump over or ignore, the lunge you have to i frame through or run away from, the barrage you just dont want to be activated.

Stage 4 – Difficulty: Jam

These areas have enviromental hazards. The hive cluster has ropes that slow you down which isnt that bad but the magma barracks have MAGMA!!! and honestly it doesnt do that much.

your mom just walks around the place like a maniac and spawns stuff on you sometimes so just shoot her and then sometimes switch places or deal with the kids.

worst boss in the game if its overloading you are dead. Just hope that theres only one and that none of them are overloading. Yes i did just basically tell you to pray that you can kill it. Yeah i should probably tell you what it does. When youre near it it will charge into you and kill you. If youre away from it it will shoot exploding balls at you that kill you and then it runs away from you like a coward.

Stage 5 – Difficulty: Very Hard

The temple of elders, the last stage before the final stage. This stage is very hard. Expect to die.

No special bosses here, the only thing you could consider a special boss that i could go over are elite bosses but those guys are just: “yeah, elite bosses exist. eat ♥♥♥♥ loser.” and then you either kill them or you die a terrible and painful death.

The regular enemies here that you might not be able to figure out instantly are the “Elder lemurian” (big lizard) and the lemurian cavalry (hog rider)

The elder lemurian just breathes fire and you need to go behind it but dont stand ontop of it because for some reason it still hits you there.

The lemurian cavalry isnt that big of a problem with its hog but without it it will literally teleport to you and throw its spear at you with aimbot so either ignore those or try to kill the rider first.

The teleporter here is special. It can either make you play the game infinitely until you die, or it can transport you to the final level.
!!!!DO NOT HIT E!!!! if you hit E it will transport you to a level youve already been in and NOT finish the game and since were finishing the game you want to hit F to go to the final level

Final Stage – Risk of Rain

Congratulations! If youve made it this far that means that you are probably about to beat the game!

Dont worry, you probably wont die here. Just run away from everything and try to activate as many of the doors as you can at the same time

This map is very consistent and it only has 2 variants which change basically nothing. I quickly drew a map that you can look at when in doubt.
please excuse my terrible writing, as i am not a writer.

On this map what you want to do is activate the 30 second door timers (all on spawns except for the last 2 ones) and get keycards that you can get by killing enemies or by opening golden barrels (picture below)
with a keycard you usually just want to go to storage and open every chest in there (if you dont have money go to the money room) but every room is useful since they give you useful things in the upcoming fight.

Once youre done collecting things go to the circle on the map where i wrote “win” and hit it

Providence, Bulwark of the Weak

Phase 1
in phase 1 providence will teleport ontop of you sometimes and swing his sword onto you so you should generally always keep on moving or have your invincibility move ready.
he will also make shadow clones hit you as indicated by the big rings (dont stand inside of the rings)
Providence will also hold his sword with both hands and thrust it into the ground. if this happens you need to jump over the shockwaves on the ground but these shockwaves deal absolutely no damage whatsoever so you can also ignore them.
Another easy one to avoid are these 2 blue balls that he shoots because they indicate where they go with a line of smaller balls.
ALSO if you stay near him too much he can do a sword swing that hits you.

Phase 2
Remember how i told you to be able to kill magma worms fast? This is why.
These worms will charge at you sometimes and the red one shoots a giant laser at you while the blue one uses these energy spheres providence uses to shoot you. Cant really give any specific advice here except for “dont get hit”. well one thing i can tell you when youre being targetted by the laser dont use ladders because then youll get hit.

Phase 3
In this phase providence will spawn contraptions similar to temple guardians. They are nothing more than a nuisance, either ignore them or kill them.
His ball attacks was upgraded to 4 balls instead of 2 and his “HELLO COMMANDO! I AM GOING TO TELEPORT ONTOP OF YOU!” attack was replaced with a shadow clone attack where he either summons 3 clones ontop of him or 6 around him. Avoid this attack by standing ontop of providence and then reacting to where the clones appear, or just run out of reach of the attack and then shoot him from over there. His telegraphing shadow clone attack now has skulls added to it that instantly set your hp to 1.

Congratulations! You beat the game! You will be teleported to the result screen shortly afterwards! This delay is only here for the sequel “Risk of Rain Returns 2” Where providence will get a 4th phase where he shoots lasers everywhere but dont worry about that since this isnt the sequel this is the remake.

What do you mean he isn’t dead yet?

Phase 4

Oh no this is terrible! The devs made a huge error and accidentally added the 4th phase that was meant for the sequel into the remake! Dont worry because i have actually been at the hopoo games office and they let me playtest this phase so that i can already write a guide on it for when they release the sequel in 20 years but oh well guess i cant do that now.
For this phase what you want to do is stand pretty much where im standing in the picture when the phase starts (the side doesnt matter) because he will shoot lasers everywhere that deal a lot of damage if you stand inside of them. Once the shield above his head is gone you can start the fight.

As soon as he is done with his laser shenanigans he will summon shadow clones in a pattern which has nothing to do with your position. Best thing you can do to avoid this is to climb the ladder and then drop down afterwards. You will also have noticed that he is now putting bigger rings everywhere and im gonna be honest i have no idea what they do because ive never been hit by them.
An attack you are likely to be hit by is the one where he teleports infront of you and lunges at you with his sword. To dodge this attack you will have to jump over him and then keep walking, you generally dont want to stand still during this fight at all.
Providence also does an only skull attack in like an L shape but you probably wont get hit by that since the arena is way too big for that. If the arena was smaller this attack would be way bigger of a threat. But like thats ever gonna happen.

He can also resummon any of the lasers at any time and at any place. try to stand relatively near the ladder so that you can quickly climb up in case he shuts off the section youre in.

YOU WON!!! FOR REAL THIS TIME!!! Congrats! Except if youre playing on drizzle if youre playing on drizzle then you are either afraid of rain or you just bought the game and dont want to put in any effort into winning. I would write something about how dying is a part of the experience but im not doing that because ITS BONUS TIME YEAH THATS RIGHT BONUS SNIPER GUIDE!!!

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