Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Prism Skins

Before you start: setting Zoom Scale 1x Log books number is the variants Remove new stages under rules Bandit (Tutorial Stage) Commando (Desolate Forest Variant 3) Artificer (Dried Lake Variant 3) Loader (Sky Meadow Variant 2) Drifter (Ancient Valley Variant 2) Acrid (Boar Beach) Huntress (Magma Barracks Variant 2) Acrid 2 (Final Stage) Mercenary (Final … Read more

Risk of Rain Returns: All Information about Items

Detailed description of items, all information is taken from the game   Common [White] Image Name Pickup Description Arcane Blades Move faster after activating the Teleporter. Increases movement speed by 30% (+30% per stack) after the Teleporter has been activated. Backup Magazine Add an extra charge of your Secondary skill. Add +1 (+1 per stack) … Read more

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Commando’s Strange Prism

The exact location to obtain the Strange Prism: Pyrite (guide with pictures)   RNG luck (Desolate Forest #3) Firstly, choose COMMANDO (to obtain a Prism skin for a character, you have to take the exact character for which you want to acquire it). Secondly, you have to spawn at Desolate Forest (it’s one of THE FIRST locations to spawn … Read more

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Bandit’s Strange Prism

Let us visit the Tutorial and take the Strange Prism: Snare (guide with pictures)   How to access the Tutorial Level To enter, you’ll have to go into Settings Next, head to the CONTROLS tab. (Upper part of the screen) You will see the needed button Play Tutorial Press on the “Play Tutorial” option, then “YES”, and… How to … Read more