Sands of Salzaar: Legacy Points Guide (June 2022)

All Currently Listed Legacy Points Rewards, and a few achievement/achievements-related notations


Legacy Points Guide

This guide was created June 24 2022. I am led to believe that the Legacy Points list is updated and changed, sometimes. Here is the guide for the current selection. It’s recommended that you do all of these in the same playthrough. I find that stacking them with the “spend one year in game,” “spend on year in sandbox mode,” “play the game as the Nameless Class on epic,” works exceptionally.

It should be noted that the amount of Legacy Points you have, is dependant on the save you have with the highest Legacy Point score. This means you should try to complete all of the Legacy Rewards within a single playthrough, such as the Nameless playthrough I listed above. Here we go:

O1. Gratitude Reward: a default reward, likely for purchasing the game.

O2. Difficulty Clearance Reward: Complete the game in Story Mode or Sandbox Mode. Story Mode reauires you to complete the Main Story Questline, unavailabe in Sandbox Mode. Sandbox Mode requires you to conquor and maintain an amount of towns. The amount of towns is dependant on your Difficulty Selection. At Difficulty 4, the reward is 100. At Difficulty 5, the reward is 100. There is no achievement for completing Difficulty 5. There is an achievement for starting a game while on Difficulty 5. Difficulty can be selected during Player creation, under Legacy Rewards, and harder difficulties provide greater amounts of Legacy Points. You unlock Difficulties by completing the game, starting with No Difficulty, and going up.

O3. Expert Mode Reward: Expert Mode is a type of Iron Man mode. You can only have one save. It is possible to turn off autosave. Just mess with the autosave function until it turns off. May take a few tries. You can only mess with the autosave function in playthroughs that are not Expert Mode. Also, if you’re stacking this with Class Quests, I highly recommend creating your own backups. While I havn’t experienced any Class Quest bugs, there have been reports of Class Quest bugs, which can largely be resolved by using an older save. And also Class Quests sometimes have objectives and achievements that can be missed if not done correctly. So returning to an older save would be beneficial in these instances. I’m unsure if expert mode includes Iron Man-style permadeath, because I never died. Not bragging, just warning.

O4. Main Level Reward: this reward caps out at 10 points. The objective is to reach level 20.

O5. Favor Reward: translation issue. This reward is for obtaining Talent Points. It caps at 15, so you would need to obtain 60 Talent Points.

O6. Town Planner Reward: It caps out at 80, so you would need to conquor and maintain 16 towns. It’s best to focus on a single map when doing this Reward. The Poison Faction map is likely the best map to focus on, because they’re typically lower level, and their aggressive nature usually means they’ve already lost some towns by the time you’ve started working on this Reward. Defeating all towns, results in the facfion disbanding. Don’t do this Reward on your Jackal playthrough, if you disband the Poison Faction, you can’t complete the Jackal’s second achievment.

O7. Defeat X: It looks like these Rewards are liable to change. So get them while you can. Each Reward also has an in-game days-passed time limit. All you need to do is defeat the bosses. Most of the ones during the time this guide was created, were secret bosses. Someone made some maps with the secret boss locations. A couple of these maps are outdated, but work well enough when searching for yhe secret bosses:

O8. Name-of-Dungeon Reward: you get these by completing the LISTED dungeons. Not all dungeons are listed as Legacy Rewards, but feel free to do any and as many dungeons as you want. There is no time limit for these Rewards. They are listed in the order of difficulty or perhaps Suggested Level.

O9. Name-of-Town Treasure Reward: A bunch of towns have a secret dungeon. There are also many that don’t have a secret dungeon. Follow the list. You can access these dungeons by owning your own faction, defeating the towns LISTED on the Legacy Reward List, clicking the Tribal Hall, and selecting the Mysterious Witch.

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