SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: Some Tips to Play

This is a little list of tips to complete the SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer game.


SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer Tips

-Try to blink before entering a room where the door is closed.
-Memorize the room of SCP-914, and exits A and B in the entrance area.

-Necessary and / or useful items: Wallet, Highest level card I have, SCP-714 (a jade ring), SCP-1499 (Gas mask WW2), 2 mutilated hands (one black and the other white), first aid kits, electronic map, normal gas mask, night vision goggles, SCP-860 (a blue key) and finally SCP-500 (a red pill that should only be used at critical times) or SCP-427 (achieved by refining SCP-500).

-The key and any type of cards can be stored in the wallet.
-Use SCP-1499 against SCP-106, if you put on the mask the SCP-106 that will be coming out of the ground disappears.
-Use SCP-714 against SCP-049, if you wear the ring the plague doctor cannot kill you, just be careful because if he stays around and close to you for a long time he can take it away from you.
-Use the SCP-500 ONLY if necessary, because it is a single use, or instead try to refine it in the medallion (SCP-427)that has the same effects but is unlimited uses ( don’t use it for a long time or you’re gonna die).
-The activable objects deactivate them when they no longer need to be activated (except perhaps for the improved gas mask that restores stamina).
And now, finally some of the useful objects that can be improved in the SCP-914 (the refinement machine) and at what level so you don’t lose objects by mistake:
The Gas mask, the night vision goggles and the electronic map must be refined in VERY FINE: The gas mask recharges you stamina faster and lets you run infinitely (unless you take it off); night vision goggles now update every few seconds and it shows you nearby entities like a human or SCP through the walls (it uses batteries, so keep an eye on the battery remain) and the map stops using batteries.
The pill (SCP-500) in FINE to make it the medallion, and well (if it has the lowest difficulty) saving in each attempt, try to level up the cards, the Maximum is 5, but with the 3 (only refining the 2 in FINE) it is enough to not have to comeback later from the Heavy Containment Zone.

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