Shatterline: All Error Codes List

Here is a full list of all error codes in Shatterline.


All Error Codes List

  • Connection (login, authentication, connection errors);
  • Sync (synchronization, loading, save errors);
  • Session (quickplay, game, matchmaking errors);
  • Error (none of the above).

Code – Description
00 Unknown error type
01 Login failure
02 Profile synchronization failure
03 Inventory synchronization failure
04 Start quick play failure
05 Failed to get quick play result
06 Failed to cancel quick play
07 Failed to get game session
08 Item purchase failure
09 Server connection failure
10 Client integrity failure
11 Inventory validation failure
13 Friends sync failure
14 Friends remove failure
15 Friends invite failure
16 Friends invite sync failure
17 Friends invite accept failure
18 Friends invite decline failure
19 Party join failure
20 Party invite failure
21 Party invite accept failure
22 Party invite decline failure
23 Personal notifications load failure
24 Personal notification confirmation error
25 Logout failure
26 Modification craft failure
27 Reward box failure
28 Season pass failure
29 Support system failure


Code – Description
00 Unknown error details
01 Authorization failed
02 Authentication failed
03 Client version mismatch
04 Cannot connect to server
05 QoS limit reached
06 Content is not supported
07 EAC failed to initialize client
08 EAC failed to load initialization point
09 EAC failed to load library
10 EAC integrity violation
11 Failed to send login request
12 Failed to request online variables
13 Failed to request assets
14 Failed to request inventory
15 Failed to request offers
16 Failed to request profile information
17 Failed to request profile progression
18 Failed to request profile skill information
19 Failed to request weapon progression
20 Failed to request wallet information
21 Failed to request tasks information
22 Unauthorized access
23 Request is already fulfilled
24 Request timeout reached
25 Server lost connection
26 Cannot connect to server
27 Asset is missing
28 Item is missing
29 Mission is missing
30 Unknown territory
31 Unable to find dedicated server
32 Item offers are missing
33 Weapon progression config is missing
34 Unable to find player
35 Unable to find player profile
36 Unknown game mode
37 Unknown quickplay identifier
38 Unable to find invite
39 Unable to find friend profile
40 Unknown region
41 Unable to find game
42 Slot is missing
43 Inventory validation failed
44 Failed to allocate dedicated server
45 Incorrect friend request
47 This person has been already your friend
48 Inventory validation failed
49 Unknown currency
50 Incorrect price
51 Duplicate item
52 Purchasing additional capacity is not available for current weapon level
53 Purchasing additional capacity is not allowed for current weapon level
54 Inventory transaction is already in progress
55 Negative experience amount is not allowed
56 Item can not be linked to this slot
57 Items are incompatible
58 Duplicate slots
59 Duplicate item links
60 Linking items classes don’t match
61 Not enough capacity
62 Weapon progression update error
63 Profile progression update error
64 Matchmaking failed
65 Incorrect asset type
66 Offer is not active
67 Offer was not found
68 Not enough money
69 Error while syncing profile data after game session
70 Server not found (HTTP error 404)
71 Request has timed out (HTTP error 408)
72 Request has timed out (HTTP error 12002)
73 Server can not be reached (HTTP error 12029)
74 Connection with the server could not be established (HTTP error 12029)
75 Error while syncing profile data after game session. Previous data restored
76 Request parameters are invalid. (input validation failed)
77 Can’t get territory pings information
78 Party is full
80 Party invite not found
81 Not party leader
82 Already in party
83 Closed for maintenance
84 Authentication restricted
85 Concurrent login
87 Currency not found
88 Failed to load persistent settings
89 Exceeded online players limit
97 Failed to load hero progressions
98 Failed to load boosters
99 Profile banned
100 Notification not found
101 Failed to send logout request
102 Authentication not allowed
103 Failed to request playlists schedule information
104 Failed to load kill counters
105 Failed to get item as a crafting reward
106 Craft failed due to timeout
107 No acceptable missions in playlist with such game modes
108 Playlist not found
109 Playlist is inactive
110 Party size is greater than allowed for chosen playlist
111 Authentication not allowed
112 Failed to load clan status
113 Failed to load rewards
114 Failed to load season
115 EAC kick from session
116 Failed to load announcements
117 Failed to load nameplates
118 Inventory item not found
119 Microtransaction cancelled by user
120 Invalid email
121 Support not available
122 Error while creating support ticket

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  1. Every time I try and get into the game it says repair device and says error code 10-10 do you know why this is and do you know how to fix it ?


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