Shatterline: How to Boost Your FPS

Here are two methods to boost your FPS in Shatterline.


How to Boost Your FPS

Possible FPS boost 1:

Step 1:

(possible fix)

Press Window+R and paste the line below %LOCALAPPDATA%\Shatterline\2961AB5C4C274EAB9B13CCC6A9306D6A\

Step 2:

File : game_settings_local_publisher.savedata and open and edit with notepad.

Step 3:

Copy this setting and use it

"settings": {
"anti_aliasing": "0",
"audio_master_volume": "11",
"bloom": "0",
"brigtness": "1",
"display_mode": "0",
"flares": "0",
"frame_limit": "200",
"full_screen": "1",
"full_screen_windowed": "0",
"gamma": "1",
"graphics_preset": "1",
"object_quality": "1",
"particles_quality": "1",
"quality_spec": "1",
"resolution_height": "720",
"resolution_width": "1280",
"screen_space_reflection": "0",
"shading_quality": "1",
"sharpening": "0",
"special_effects_quality": "5",
"startup_videos_show_cinematic": "0",
"texture_quality": "1",
"vsync": "0",
"water_quality": "1"
"actions": []
Step 4:

If you are done configuring. Press File then save


Possible FPS boost 2:

Go to your ‘Options’ and click ‘Graphics’. In here you’ll see loads of things you can change. Now, this depends on your PC and the specs you have in there. I use a 2060 and some other good specs for a medium/high-end gaming PC but I will not be playing on high resolution even though my FPS is over 150/200. The current settings that boosted my FPS without making the game look ‘ugly’ are as followed:

  • Quality – Medium
  • Frame Limit – 200
  • Texture Quality – Medium
  • Object Quality – Medium
  • Shading Quality – Medium
  • Particles Quality – Medium
  • Special Effects Quality – Medium
  • Water Quality – Medium
  • Lens Flare – OFF
  • Screen Space Reflections – OFF
  • Anti-Aliasing – SMAA

Now, with these settings I have a very smooth gameplay experience without much problems. Of-course, I you want to play on high resolution that’s up to you but in my opinion this is the best way.

Now you also have to keep in mind to not have loads of background programs running in the background. Close those who you do not use nor need which will also boost it up a little bit. And if you really want you can open your taskbar > click on the game.exe > set the priority to high.

By 𓆩 WHOLF 𓆪, Cervitaur and 3oF

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