Shatterline: How to Fix ‘CONNECTION-01-00’ Error

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Error code: CONNECTION-01-00


How to Fix ‘CONNECTION-01-00’ Error

For most users that means that they simply lack internet connection, however there can be an another reason for it that might be causing the issue if you are sure about your connection.
If you’re using a custom Windows iso (such as FoxOS, ggOS) or have applied any tweaks to your system there is a chance that it has involved disabling certain services from your system.
The service called Network Store interface (nsi), however useless under normal circumstances, provides Shatterline information about your connectivity status. The reason you’re getting an error is because the game calls for it and, in case it’s disabled, doesn’t get an answer so it assumes you’re not connected to the Internet. It’s a braindead solution from the game side, but reenabling the service takes just a few clicks.
You can do it here: Win + R > services.msc > Network Store Interface > Startup type
Set it to Manual.

If that doesn’t fix your issue, move from the slums in your third world country. lol.

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