SIMULACRA: 100% Achievement, Endings and Secret Guide

Here is a full guide with 100% achievements, all endings and secrets for SIMULACRA.

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Story achievements. Achievements that are unlocked as you progress in the game.

You’ve got mail.

The Gift of Jab.

Ask her anything.

The Internet Never Forgets.

Achievements will unlock as we make a specific choice.


Achievements will unlock as we make a specific choice.
During the conversation with Murv, you have to decide whether you want to report him or not.

That Is Just A Compliment. If you do not report it, you will unlock That Is Just A Compliment achievement,

That Is Not A Compliment. if you decide to report it, That Is Not A Compliment

She Loves Me! If you try to keep Ashley convinced that you are Anna, she will finally confess her love to you and you will receive the She Loves Me achievement!

She Needs To Know If you make Ashley aware that you are not Anna, you will receive the She Needs To Know achievement.

Run Greg run. Achievement Run Greg Run will be unlocked if you tell Ashley that you are not Anna. Ashley will tell you at the end of the game that he is going to the police. You have to inform Greg that the police are looking for him, then he will blow away and you will get the achievement.

Crime Doesn’t Pay The achievement Crime Doesn’t Pay will be unlocked if you don’t tell Greg that the police are looking for him, he will then be arrested. There is a third option in which Greg reports to the police himself, the achievement is also counted then.

Achievements that are easy to miss.

Gossip Girl
During one of the first conversations with Taylor, you can ask him if he wants to read Anna’s e-mails. When you tell him about everything you found there, the achievement will be completed.

Sharing Is Caring.
To get this achievement, Ashley needs to know that you are not Anna and you must be at the point where you retrieve your Jabbr password (I’m not sure if you need to be on question 3 then). At this point, new dialogue options will be unlocked with Taylor, who will offer you to reveal Anna’s favorite movie in exchange for her photo (NOTE! Anna’s photo must come from the “Me” folder)
It is possible Taylor will list some videos, the correct one is: Dog’s Purpose

Just in Time.
The achievement will be unlocked if you do not allow the phone to reset during the conversation with Greg. In order to prevent the reset, you need to tell Greg the three things he will ask for their names and the correct order is Tobias, Applesauce, Faraday.

When Greg asks you to let him into Anna’s house as a guest using TechTitan chat, do not enter his correct name and surname. At this point, the achievement will be unlocked.

This Is The Police!
While talking to Yolanda, pretend you are from the police.

You’re hired!
When talking to Philliph, choose the most friendly and non-intrusive options. Act as if you are serious about applying for a job. Phil himself will soon tell you about his ex-employee.

Looking for love.
When using the Spark application on Anna’s account, go to the “steam room” tab and give hearts to everyone. A couple of pickings should produce a “pick” effect. Pop with people with whom it paired you for a while and the achievement will be awarded.

Fix all pictures in the game. Check out Anna’s gallery, there are some pictures in need of repair that aren’t required to push the plot forward.

You have to fix all the broken messages in the game, including the email from Murv. Browse all old chats with people important to the story + don’t forget about the e-mail!
The only time when this achievement can be skipped is the first reset of the phone; you will then be thrown into a conversation with a Lord who does not remember who he is. Below I am pasting a dialogue option that you must select (marked with thoughts) to unlock all broken messages and complete the achievement.
1.You need to tune it out
– You’re the only one speaking here
You will hear it soon

2.You must resist its words
– Resist what?
You must have seen it

3. She will be gone soon
– Tell me who you are
I cannot remember
Find me and you will find her.


This is too much.
It’s an ending that breaks easily, so be careful!
After Anna’s Spark account is suspended, you must negate Taylor’s decision and refuse to create a fake Spark account. The conversation will take a while, so you need to be on your guard all the time. When Taylor calls you at this point, you can be sure that in a short while you will complete this ending.

Throughout the game, you must remain loyal to Taylor, trust him, not accuse him of anything, support his decision and use one of the photos he will send you as an avatar to a fake Spark account.
You will have to decide whether you prefer to save Taylor or Anna from death.

You found Anna
If you choose Taylor, you will unlock the You killed Anna achievement.

You killed Anna.
If you choose Anna, you will unlock the achievement You found Anna.

A happy ending.
The most complicated ending. You need to earn Taylor’s trust, keep Ashley convinced that you are Anna, and create a Spark account with Ashley’s name and photo (the one he sends you in the message). When you get to the final conversation, all the dialogues will be the same, but if you say that you want to save Ashley and Taylor (save them both), you will get other dialogue lines to choose from. You must answer it: All life is precious, Both of them should be saved. At this point, you can send Taylor to Anna and the achievement should be completed.


Windy Convergence.
Okay, this achievement is a bit complicated.
When you enter the Surfer, enter the Iris side and go down to the bottom. There should be a cipher there; click on it a few times and the phone will go crazy for a moment and you will hear the numbers.
The numbers are: 6339106
Call this number. There will be given the next numbers: 3.141592. All you have to do now is enter 6535 on the call pad while the call is in progress. If you fail or fail something, you will have to return the game to the previous checkpoint.
After entering the numbers, a new chat window will open and “something” will ask what you see, then answer A POLAR, FEATHERED BEAR WADDLES ABOVE THE HAMMER (exactly as it is written, otherwise you will have to repeat the whole operation all over again).
“Something” will speak to you again when you need to create a fake Spark account. She will ask you what you doubt / fear the most, answer then Iris and the achievement will be unlocked.

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