Soulless Ray Of Hope: 100% Achievements Guide

In this guide I show how to get all the achievements of Soulless: Ray Of Hope.


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Winged Crusader
Acquire a flashy set of wings.
Related to story

Free all of the hope pieces in one session.
Required to free all cells with hope in one game. In total, you need to find 5



To get the fifth cage, you need to go up to the top. There, you’ll find a lever; then go back down and the door should be open.


Dark Corners of the Mind

A Life Story
Collect all of the notes.


Once you get the wings for the first time, you will find a descent; go right up to the wall on the right and you will find the first one.

You’ll arrive at an area with some sort of saws. Locate the wall on the right and that notice it can be crossed.

For the next note you will have to leave the box as seen in the following image. Go back a little bit; you’ll just have to make a jump and the wall on the right can be crossed.

In the same room where you get the other achievement (Dark Corners of the Mind) there is a note; you do not have to interact with anything, it comes out automatically

As you reach the fan where you have to go down, jump the fan and to the right; the wall can be crossed.

This is the last note and is not visible but if you reach this bridge near the end of the game and interact where it is shown, it will give you the note.

No Elin, Sherlock
Find all secret rooms.
See the achievement “A Life Story”, it’s done the same way.

Easy Way Out
Jump into the flames, and end your journey.

Throw yourself into the fire that is after the elevator.

End of the Line
See the world crumble before you.
You just have to finish the game.

A Journey of Hope
Stay pure, and reach your friend.
The good ending. To get this achievement you have to do certain actions during the game:

1) Don’t press the eye’s power off lever when it asks you to do so.

In a hotel:
2) Do not stand still when the creature asks you to do nothing.
3) Do not feed the worm.

4) Tell the mongoose (or whatever it is) that his room can be as good as the rest.

5) When talking to the character at the very top, answer all questions with a NO. He must say that even you outsmarted him.

A Brew for the Loyal
Witness all of the endings.
Just watch all endings.

No Breaks
Complete the game in one sitting.
Complete the game in a single session. Be sure to wait until the end of the end credits; the achievement is only given only after they play.

Git Gud
Complete the game without dying.
This achievement is for beating the game without dying. However, I will show a trick to do it faster

Once this achievement is the only one left, in the game’s menu click “Load Checkpoint”; go to the last door (as shown in the image) and get through what’s left without dying, which should get you the achievement.

Thanks to the user “Nameless Human” for discovering these tricks to make this achievement easier.


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