Soulstone Survivors: Brainless Chaoswalker Build

Here is a Brainless Chaoswalker Build for Soulstone Survivors.
Main Skills
Chaotic Missile – The starter skill for the Chaoswalker, low cd, can hit twice
Chromatic Bolt – Counts as 12 skill types for Rune, hits a lot
Chaos Golem – Draws aggro/Tanks

Pick 3
Manifestations of Chaos – Hits a lot
Bloodlust – Cast speed
Might – Damage
Arcane Power – Multi-cast Chance
Or any other Chaos skill you like


Executioner and Generalist are both very important, the rest you can just pick whatever you feel like
This one helps with mobility


Any of the options that give you a chance to apply another debuff when applying one
Magnetic – XP and pickup range
All of your attacks have x% chance to apply x on hit – 1 of each then you can banish them
Chaos/Magical Skill Buffs
Multi Cast – Does what it says
Relentless – Cast Frequency
Leviathan – +Damage -Speed, Our mobility is all from dashes anyways
Attack Speed/Damage Increase/Multi Cast – For Chaotic Missile/Chromatic Bolt

Crit chance/Damage
Resilient – Armor
Indomitable – Block Power
Behemoth – HP
Unbreakable – Reduces all damage taken by x
Expansive – Area modifier


Hold your mouse over what you want to die and dodge stuff


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