Soulstone Survivors: Curse VII intensity 48 Paladin

Small guide on how to clear curse 48 with paladin.


Singular Focus (you want at least 2x light beam)
Skill Mastery: Arcane (Arcane Shield & Arcane Power, you dont need both’but if you are struggling to survive Arcane Shield is nice)
Center Off Attention (if you go Smite for heals)
Surefooted (less damage taken)

Light Beam x2 or 3
Beacon of light (less chance to get hit, plus takes care of small mobs)
Arcane Overload (bonus damage) (can be swapped for Arcane Beam or another Light Beam)
Exorcism (heals are nice)
Arcane Power

Try to get permanent Arcane Power of Arcane Shield (or both)
Crit chance > 100%
Area modifier
Multi cast
Cast frequency
Armor / Damage reduction / Block you need to survive a bit
a few magnets

I usually get at least 1 of each debuff then banish them.


By Kal

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