Soulworker: Stella Unibell Skill and Akashic Guide

A guide to help new Stella players, where they can have an idea or help them to make a decision.


Why should you play stella in the first place?

Stella is a pretty good character, low punishing kit and also pretty strong for being a support, she can heal and regen a lot of SG not only to herself but to allies too. Opinions from various Stella’s Mains agree that she has one of the largest damage cealings cause of the gear difference compared to anyone else. You can have different playstyles with Stella, being healer/buffer, Damage dealer or burst damage.

Active Skills

  •  Whirl Dance 1/5 (pre adv)  Performance up 5/5
    It has a good clear wave once you reach advancement. It won’t be your main source of damage. It’ll be mostly filler cause of its low cooldown.

  •  Phantom Release 1/5
    It’s a decent filler but it’s too slow to add into rotations.
  •  Trouble Pass 5/5  Range up 3/3 OR  Upgrade 3/3
    The animation is fast, it has pretty good damage for bursting if you are going damage, good penetrarion and if you are going healer and buffer it’s decent on healing, but it’s recomended leveling up Skill range up 
  •  Hysteric Shock 5/5 (Optional)  Additional hit 3/3 (Optional)
    The animation of this ability is pretty fast, it has low end lag and it’s good to start chains with it.
  •  Beast Parade 5/5
    The speed of the ability is fast and it’s good for a chain starter. Still, even with good damage and cast time, the animations are kind of rough.
  •  Beads Play 5/5  Staccato 3/3
    Staccato is the optimal branch to go, the large orbs summoned has a lot of multi hits. Even if you are going healer/buffer skill up Staccato  the buffs will still apply. In lategame you may need more healing, if you think your healing is lacking then you may want to change the branches .

  • Decay Pulse 5/5 (optional)  Range up 3/3 (optional)
    Decay Pulse doesn’t have that much damage, but it has a lot of armor armor break and life steal on support mode, it applies a Paralysis effect on enemies. It’s mostly a survival tool, something to regen health or destroy armor. Mostly filler.
  •  Soul Scream 5/5  Stella Time 3/3
    It has decent damage before advancement, the main benefit of Soul Scream is the multi hit, penetration and fast cast animation. Soul Scream will cancel any other skill / attack animation and its a good chain starter to follow up with Bass attack. After Advancement you can Right click to do more damage or Left click to recover SG.
  •  Twist Pull 5/5  Range up 3/3
    Has a great AOE damage. It combos well with anything.
  •  Beast Party 3/5 or 5/5
    It has a decent armor break and but it’s mostly used for stall, if you are in need of Stamina on a raid boss, you can jump, attack, press Beast party  and go down.
  •  Black Morass 5/5  Time reduction 3/3
    You can cast this ability click once and then attack how you like, it will still cast until the time runs out, you will mostly use left click unless you need to time a burst combo.
  •  Beast Tempo 5/5
    It gives an Attack speed buff [10%] and it regens your SG, on support mode heals a ton but use it mostly to take the attack speed buff.
  •  Bass Attack 5/5  Battle Hymn 3/3
    This skill it’s the most useful, high dps and awesome thing in existance. Does a lot of damage, heals, buffs. Always use if when available or to stall.
  •  Reckles Princess 5/5
    It is a high damage skill, you can use it to finish a combo for extra damage or on raids to combo with the aerial phases.
  •  Wolves Showtime 5/5
    A high damage AOE skill, it apllies a buff if you don’t cancel the animation, your max HP will increase. you can choose if you want to cancel or get the little hp buff.
  •  Ghostly hunt
    A good damage ability that changes between Attack and Support mode. On attack mode it will fire a cone shaped flame that deals absurd amount of damage, on support mode it will shoot a long range beam that does a lot of damage too.

Passive Skills

  •  Basic attack1/5
    On early game you can max it if you want. But on late game you will have a lot of Cooldown reduction that you’ll be casting skills forever. Mostly Whirl Dance and Phantom Release.
  •  Soulstrike1/3
    Stella’s Soulstrike doesn’t do damage, it isn’t like Chii’s or Lily’s Soulstrike, You’ll only use it to change theme from attack to support.
  •  Tumble Anything
    I don’t usually put SP on this passive but if you have extra SP you could level up this skill.
  •  Dash 2/2
    It’s just speed.
  •  Retaliation 1/3
    It’s a good passive.
  •  Soul Evasion 1/3 or 2/3
    It happens ocationally, so leveling up once or twice can be good.
  •  Souldash Attack 0/3
  •  Stamina Mastery 0/5 or 1/5
    If you want extra Stamina regen you coul level up once this ablility.
  •  Bounce Wave 3/3
    If you do Troubles pass , Beads play  or Beast tempo  on support mode, followed up with Soul Scream  and Right Clicking doing Stella Time and Finishing off with Bass attack  to Reduce active CD skills by 10%.
  •  Sound Wave 3/3
    No objections.

Skill Tree Example

Tree Example []


Stella is a character that works mostly with CDR and Attack Speed.

Optimal Passive Akashic

  • Rosca
  • Beneris 5 star
  • Junk Queen
  • Tenebris
  • Arua 5 star
  • Kent
  • Chloe
  • Eo

Decent Passive Akashic

  • Relfenne
  • Green Storm Poison
  • Lucy
  • Catherine
  • Haru
  • Erwin
  • Vessi Arua 4 Star
  • Orca Forces Beneris 4 star
  • Leona
  • Black Gauntlet
  • Megido Maker MK.II
  • Brooke

Optimal Active Akashic

  • Ultimatum
  • Big Puppet
  • Apocalypse
  • Ralph
  • Rita
  • Junk Knight
  • Deus Ex Machina

Example Akashic Build

  • Big Puppet
  • Junk Queen
  • Beneris
  • Kent
  • Chloe

Example Low Akashic Build

  • Orca Forces Beneris
  • Eo
  • Leona
  • Brooke
  • Black Gauntlet


Stella is a support with high damage skills, she depends a lot of CDR and Attack speed, search for those two whe you are getting equipment, every skill of her, being ranged, support, dps, everything scales with attack speed.

Most of the guides I’ve seen are old, Soulworker have been changed a lot since I started in 2017, from gameforge to the Japan servers, from that to burning soulworker, stella has seen changes over the years too, from being a pretty tough girl with buffs for everyone, to a weapon of mass destruction, now its more balanced, changes escaling from attack speed to animation frames. If you want to hear my opinion on which brooches you may equip her you can do it.

If you want to read the guides i used on my journey I’ll link them down below.

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