Starbound: 100% Collection / Achievement Guide with Console Commands

This guide is a collection of console commands for anyone that wants to complete their collection/achievements without using any mods or other external tool.



  • When using the Console, things will always spawn on your mouse location.
  • For the Destroyer of Worlds achievement you will need a character on Survival.
  • When using the console, you can press P to repeat the last command, and Up/Down arrows to navigate through your last used commands. This is very important because many commands only require you to change a number.
  • You can use copy paste on the console
  • To use the /completequest command, you will need to accept the quest first.
Useful Commands
  • /admin – Admin Privileges. Unlimited Health, Energy, Console Commands, Craft everything without resources, etc.
  • /outpost – Warp you to the Outpost.
  • /fullbright – Remove all the shadows or the “fog of war”
  • /spawnitem shipT8 – Consume the item to upgrade your ship to the highest level.
  • /spawnitem liquidfuel 1000 – Ship Fuel
  • /spawnitem money 100000 – Pixels
  • /spawnitem industrialstoragelocker – 48 slots wall locker
  • /spawnitem manipulatormodule 191 – Modules to upgrade your M.M.
  • /spawnitem neolaserlauncher – Tier 7 Ranged Weapon
  • /spawnitem protectoratebroadsword – Tier 7 Melee Weapon
  • /spawnitem techconsole – Spawn a Tech Upgrade Console to change your techs.
  • /spawnitem superfishaxe – 7×7 Mining Tool. This one deletes the blocks
  • /spawnitem superfishaxedrop – 7×7 Mining Tool. This one drops normally all the blocks

Items for the tech missions:
/spawnitem copperbar 10
/spawnitem silverbar 10
/spawnitem goldbar 10

Unlock the techs using:
/spawnitem techcard 72

You can use use /maketechavailable and type the name of the tech to unlock it instantly. List of techs:


Primary Quests

Congratulations on Your Graduation!
Survive the Protectorate.
It could have been worse.Adventurer Eventuality
Complete a quest!
Joke’s on you, there isn’t any XP in this game.

The Wanderer
Meet Esther.

The Hopeful
Fix your ship.

The Brave
Return Nuru to the outpost.

The Wise
Return Koichi to the outpost.

The Devout
Return Tonauac to the outpost.

The Resilient
Return Lana Blake to the outpost.

The Loyal
Return the Baron to the outpost.

The Protector
Defeat the Ruin.

  • For the main quest, i recommend you to warp to the boss location on your ship after the scan missions, since they are all fun and you won’t need to worry about items while using the console.

How i did it:

  1. After finishing/skipping the intro, talk to S.A.I.L. until you get a new mission. At this point you can give yourself any items and upgrades that you want.
  2. Beam down to the planet and go either left or right until you find the the Gateway (Follow the compass when it appears)
  3. Use /spawnitem corefragmentore 20 to get the fragments to activate the Gateway and teleport to the outpost. Go to the far right and unlock the teleport before heading down the stairs leading to Esther.
  4. After completing the mission and accepting a new one with Esther, use /completequest shiprepair , accept another one and use /completequest outpostclue
  5. Accept the first floran quest and use /completequest floran_mission1. Accept the floran boss quest and now progress to the end of the game as you wish. You can skip the scanning missions using the commands below. On the final stage, dig to the center of the planet, and walk left to find the boss.

Skip the Scanning Quests (Use the command after you start the quest):
/completequest floran_mission1
/completequest hylotl_mission1
/completequest avian_mission1
/completequest apex_mission1
/completequest glitch_mission1

Side Quests

Ending Prohibition
Defeat the dastardly Dreadwing.
Bring joy to penguins everywhere.

  • Take the quest from the penguin on the bar below the outpost and defeat the boss.

Shock and Awe
Defeat the Shockhopper MK I.
Notice it rarely hops.

  • Take the quest from the penguin near the Mech Assembly Station below the outpost and use the following commands to skip the mech tutorial:
    /completequest mechunlock
    /completequest mechupgrade1Then take the last quest and defeat the boss. With /admin enabled, you can craft any parts to upgrade your mech.

Cosmic Curator
Complete the Cosmic Museum’s cosmic collection

  • Take the quest after rescuing Koichi (Right of Esther) and use the following commands to skip to the end of the questline:
    /completequest museumcurator1
    /completequest museumcurator2
    /completequest museumcurator3
    /completequest museumcurator4
    /completequest museumcurator5On the last quest, spawn a Traditional Gong and deliver it to him.
    /spawnitem hylotlclassicgong

King Barbarian
Become champion of the arena.
Crush your foes like an orange sorbet.

  • Take the quest after rescuing Nuru (Left of Esther) and use the following commands to skip to the end of the questline:
    /completequest floranarena1
    /completequest floranarena2Then take the last quest and kill the boss.

Tenant Quests

Home Sweet Home
Attract your first colonist.
Make sure you treat them right.From the Ashes
Build a large colony.
Well done Protector!

A Helping Hand
Complete 10 quests for your colonists.
Feel like an asset to the community!

A Cheeky Chore
Complete 25 quests for your colonists.
These guys sure do ask a lot of you don’t they…

A Tireless Task
Complete 50 quests for your colonists.
When did this become your full time job?

  • You will need to build a large colony on a barren planet and grind until you get the achievement.
  • The quests are going to be about delivering items and placing furniture inside homes, so make sure to build rooms large enough. I recommend you to refuse quests about building new homes.
  • Use the Wiki or Google to find the ID of the items necessary for your quests. And use the /spawnitem command. Add 1000 after the ID to keep a large quantity of items in case you need that specific item again.
  • You can keep track of your progress counting your reward bags. Only the final missions of the questlines will count.

Tenant Collection

Cramped Colony
Build 5 homes in a very small space.
This isn’t a healthy way for anyone to live.

  • Build 5 small rooms.
    /spawnitem colonydeed 1000
    /spawnitem darkwoodmaterial 1000
    /spawnitem torch 1000
    /spawnitem woodendoor 1000

All Walks of Life
Attract 10 unique tenants.
Marvel at their collective peculiarity.

  • Spawn 10 unique tenants. Simply build a room, add the furniture and the colony deed, spawn the tenant, remove the items, repeat.

Astro – /spawnitem astrocrate
Barman – /spawnitem saloonsign
Bunker Supervisor – /spawnitem bunkerdisplay2
Cabin Owner – /spawnitem cabinbunkbed
Electrician – /spawnitem drillconsole
Friendly Cultist – /spawnitem shadowshrine3
Sewer Worker – /spawnitem sewerwallgrate
Space Pioneer – /spawnitem retroscifibed
Spooksman – /spawnitem spookybed
Station – /spawnitem stationmedscanner

Crew Collection

First Mate
Recruit your first crew member.
Captain!Feathered Friend
Recruit a penguin mercenary from the Beakeasy.

A Motley Crew
Recruit one crew member from every race.
It’s like a teeny tiny protectorate.

Captain of the Year
Recruit at least 12 crew members.
Consider starting a pension plan.

  • You will need to recruit crew members of 8 different races (7 playable and 1 penguin) and then fill the remaining slots according to your preference. If you don’t have a tier 8 ship, required to have 12 crew members, you can use /spawnitem shipT8 to spawn a consumable to upgrade instantly.

/spawnnpc penguin crewmemberpenguin
/spawnnpc apex crewmember
/spawnnpc floran crewmember
/spawnnpc glitch crewmember
/spawnnpc avian crewmember
/spawnnpc hylotl crewmember
/spawnnpc human crewmember
/spawnnpc novakid crewmember

Kill Collection

Too Heavy to Kick
Destroy a robot chicken.
Don’t try to eat it.

  • Spawn and Kill a Robot Chicken.

/spawnmonster robotchicken

Not in Front of the Children!
Defeat Mother Poptop.
Every Poptop you meet from here on out is a lonely orphan.

  • Spawn and Kill a Mother Poptop.

/spawnmonster motherpoptop

Incapacitate an innocent bystander.
You monster.

  • Spawn and kill a friendly NPC.

/spawnnpc hylotl frogvillager

Sweet Revenge
Kill 100 small flying monsters.
They had it coming.

  • Spawn a flying monster and press P to repeat the command. Repeat until you get the achievement. I recommend using the lazercaster.

/spawnitem neolaserlauncher
/spawnmonster smallflying

Nox’s Apprentice
Kill another player.
Unity is overrated anyway.

  • Kill another player. You need to use /pvp to be able to directly damage and be damaged by other players. You can also get this achievement alone. > Credit to this guide <

Start by opening the game from Steam (make sure you’re online), and then launch a dedicated server. After that, open a second game using the .exe in the steam directory or a shortcut to it. You will have to switch game windows at times. Running the server and two games at the same time, join the server at on both games, but with different characters. Make one player fly to a randomly generated planet and invite the other to their party. Make the other player accept the invite and beam to their ship. Make both players beam down to the planet. Have the team leader player remove the other character. Set each player to pvp & not admin, then use the player on the game you launched with Steam to kill the other player.

Bug Collection

Bug Tracker
Capture your first bug with a bug net.
Esther would be proud.Bug Free
Catch 42 unique bugs.
Give them all funny names.

  • Collect all 42 bugs
  1. /spawnitem butterbee
  2. /spawnitem fawnfly
  3. /spawnitem mudstag
  4. /spawnitem goldbuck
  5. /spawnitem sandclown
  6. /spawnitem sunskipper
  7. /spawnitem blueback
  8. /spawnitem greentip
  9. /spawnitem redwing
  10. /spawnitem seahornet
  11. /spawnitem tidefly
  12. /spawnitem wavebird
  13. /spawnitem dewhopper
  14. /spawnitem dustmoth
  15. /spawnitem muddancer
  16. /spawnitem frostfleck
  17. /spawnitem frostfly
  18. /spawnitem icetip
  19. /spawnitem hivehog
  20. /spawnitem shellcreep
  21. /spawnitem xenofly
  22. /spawnitem brightstripe
  23. /spawnitem thornbee
  24. /spawnitem vineclimber
  25. /spawnitem gasgiant
  26. /spawnitem scuttleploom
  27. /spawnitem stinkjack
  28. /spawnitem orphanfly
  29. /spawnitem polarmoth
  30. /spawnitem snowskater
  31. /spawnitem aurorabee
  32. /spawnitem driftbell
  33. /spawnitem shardwing
  34. /spawnitem fireygiant
  35. /spawnitem flameroach
  36. /spawnitem lavahopper
  37. /spawnitem ashsprite
  38. /spawnitem cinderfly
  39. /spawnitem shadowmoth
  40. /spawnitem glowbug
  41. /spawnitem heathugger
  42. /spawnitem phoenixfly

Fossil Collection

Alien Archaeologist
Restore a complete fossil.
Make wild assumptions about what it used to be.Them Bones
Unearth 55 unique fossils.
Try not to pay attention to the ones that are alarmingly humanoid.

  • Collect 55 fossils. You need to place/complete at least 1 fossil using a display to trigger the first achievement. For the second achievement, you just need to collect everything. I will leave the commands for the displays at the bottom.
Small Fossils

01 Amber
/spawnitem amberfossil

02 Ammonite
/spawnitem ammonitefossil

03 Egg
/spawnitem eggfossil

04 Fern
/spawnitem fernfossil

05 Fish
/spawnitem fishfossil

06 Mysterious Alien
/spawnitem mysteriousalienfossil

07 Penguin
/spawnitem penguinfossil

08 Sabertooth
/spawnitem sabertoothfossil

09 Footprint
/spawnitem trackfossil

10 Trilobite
/spawnitem trilobitefossil

Medium Fossils

11 Apex
/spawnitem apexfossil1
/spawnitem apexfossil2
/spawnitem apexfossil3

12 Avian
/spawnitem avianfossil1
/spawnitem avianfossil2
/spawnitem avianfossil3

13 Floran
/spawnitem floranfossil1
/spawnitem floranfossil2
/spawnitem floranfossil3

14 Glitch
/spawnitem glitchfossil1
/spawnitem glitchfossil2
/spawnitem glitchfossil3

15 Human
/spawnitem humanfossil1
/spawnitem humanfossil2
/spawnitem humanfossil3

16 Hylotl
/spawnitem hylotlfossil1
/spawnitem hylotlfossil2
/spawnitem hylotlfossil3

17 Alpaca
/spawnitem alpacafossil1
/spawnitem alpacafossil2
/spawnitem alpacafossil3

18 Avioscale
/spawnitem avioscalefossil1
/spawnitem avioscalefossil2
/spawnitem avioscalefossil3

19 Frogg
/spawnitem froggfossil1
/spawnitem froggfossil2
/spawnitem froggfossil3

20 Unidentified
/spawnitem mysteriousfossil1
/spawnitem mysteriousfossil2
/spawnitem mysteriousfossil3

Large Fossils

21 Ixodoom
/spawnitem ixodoomfossil1
/spawnitem ixodoomfossil2
/spawnitem ixodoomfossil3
/spawnitem ixodoomfossil4
/spawnitem ixodoomfossil5

22 Ophidaunt
/spawnitem ophidauntfossil1
/spawnitem ophidauntfossil2
/spawnitem ophidauntfossil3
/spawnitem ophidauntfossil4
/spawnitem ophidauntfossil5

23 T. Rex
/spawnitem trexfossil1
/spawnitem trexfossil2
/spawnitem trexfossil3
/spawnitem trexfossil4
/spawnitem trexfossil5

Display Stands

/spawnitem fossildisplay1 10
/spawnitem fossildisplay3 10
/spawnitem fossildisplay5 3

Action Figure Collection

Mint Condition
Collect at least 50 unique action figures.
Insist to your friends they’re actually called statuettes.

  • Collect 50 action figures. You only need 50 but i’ve included all 69.
  1. /spawnitem gleapaf
  2. /spawnitem nutmidgeaf
  3. /spawnitem poptopaf
  4. /spawnitem adultpoptopaf
  5. /spawnitem crustoiseaf
  6. /spawnitem tinticaf
  7. /spawnitem batongaf
  8. /spawnitem spookitaf
  9. /spawnitem peblitaf
  10. /spawnitem iguarmoraf
  11. /spawnitem scaveranaf
  12. /spawnitem voltipaf
  13. /spawnitem fennixaf
  14. /spawnitem lilodonaf
  15. /spawnitem petricubaf
  16. /spawnitem quagmuttaf
  17. /spawnitem paratailaf
  18. /spawnitem wisperaf
  19. /spawnitem skimbusaf
  20. /spawnitem pulpinaf
  21. /spawnitem capricoataf
  22. /spawnitem ringramaf
  23. /spawnitem scandroidaf
  24. /spawnitem bobotaf
  25. /spawnitem pipkinaf
  26. /spawnitem monopusaf
  27. /spawnitem snaggleraf
  28. /spawnitem oculobaf
  29. /spawnitem miasmopaf
  30. /spawnitem sportgusaf
  31. /spawnitem agrobataf
  32. /spawnitem gosmetaf
  33. /spawnitem squeemaf
  34. /spawnitem snauntaf
  35. /spawnitem pteropodaf
  36. /spawnitem crutteraf
  37. /spawnitem snuffishaf
  38. /spawnitem crabcanoaf
  39. /spawnitem pyromantleaf
  40. /spawnitem ignomeaf
  41. /spawnitem smoglinaf
  42. /spawnitem anglureaf
  43. /spawnitem lumothaf
  44. /spawnitem oogleraf
  45. /spawnitem narfinaf
  46. /spawnitem toumingoaf
  47. /spawnitem trictusaf
  48. /spawnitem mandrafloraf
  49. /spawnitem bulpopaf
  50. /spawnitem hypnareaf
  51. /spawnitem yokataf
  52. /spawnitem orbideaf
  53. /spawnitem taroniaf
  54. /spawnitem hemogoblinaf
  55. /spawnitem bobfaeaf
  56. /spawnitem triplodaf
  57. /spawnitem paraspriteaf
  58. /spawnitem cosmicintruderaf
  59. /spawnitem erchiushorroraf
  60. /spawnitem ixolingaf
  61. /spawnitem ixodoomaf
  62. /spawnitem asranoxaf
  63. /spawnitem kluexsentryaf
  64. /spawnitem kluexavataraf
  65. /spawnitem bigapeaf
  66. /spawnitem bonedragonaf
  67. /spawnitem dreadwingaf
  68. /spawnitem shockhoppermkiaf
  69. /spawnitem swansongaf

Crop Collection

The Simple Life
Harvest a crop.
See what happens when you eat it.Starbound Valley
Harvest 30 unique crops.
Start thinking about who you’d like to romance and that barn extension.

  • Collect 30 unique crops. You only need 30 but i’ve included all normal 35 on this list.

/spawnitem automato
/spawnitem avesmingo
/spawnitem banana
/spawnitem beakseed
/spawnitem boltbulb
/spawnitem boneboo
/spawnitem carrot
/spawnitem chili
/spawnitem cocoa
/spawnitem coffeebeans
/spawnitem cotton
/spawnitem coralcreep
/spawnitem corn
/spawnitem crystalplant
/spawnitem currentcorn
/spawnitem diodia
/spawnitem dirturchin
/spawnitem eggshoot
/spawnitem feathercrown
/spawnitem grapes
/spawnitem kiwi
/spawnitem mushroom
/spawnitem neonmelon
/spawnitem oculemon
/spawnitem pearlpeas
/spawnitem pineapple
/spawnitem potato
/spawnitem pussplum
/spawnitem reefpod
/spawnitem rice
/spawnitem sugar
/spawnitem tomato
/spawnitem toxictop
/spawnitem wartweed
/spawnitem wheat

Cooking Collection

Just like mum used to make!
Practice your chef skills.
Try not to harm anyone.Culinary Century
Prepare at least 100 unique dishes.
Bonus points if they’re edible.

  • Cook 100 Unique Dishes – With Admin Privileges (/admin), use the Kitchen Counter to craft any recipe without ingredients until you get the final achievement.

/spawnitem woodencookingtable

Lore Collection

Book Club
Find a Codex.
On Earth it’s rude to read other people’s diaries.Well Read
Find 100 unique codex items.
Study them all, prepare for a pop quiz.

  • You will need to collect 100 different codexes. For the achievement you don’t need to read, only collect. You can keep track of the read codex on your Codex Library. If you want to complete the entire game collection, you can check the additionals codexes on the
Apex – 11 Codexes

The Superior Species
/spawnitem apexhistory1-codex

10 Years On
/spawnitem apexhistory2-codex

‘Project: De-Ape’ Lab Report
/spawnitem apexhistory3-codex

RE: Selection bias!
/spawnitem apexhistory4-codex

Dissent in our Midst!
/spawnitem apexhistory5-codex

Side Effects of VEP
/spawnitem apexhistory6-codex

Apex: An Identity Lost
/spawnitem apexhistory7-codex

Apex Ration Book
/spawnitem apexhistory8-codex

Miniknog Crisis Aversion
/spawnitem apexhistory9-codex

Rebel Dispatch
/spawnitem apexhistory10-codex

Internal Report #E86A
/spawnitem apexspace1-codex

Avian – 13 Codexes

Avoscript: Verse 1:1:1
/spawnitem avianhistory1-codex

Avoscript: Verse 23:4:27
/spawnitem avianhistory2-codex

The Eyes of Kluex
/spawnitem avianhistory3-codex

Avian Battle Techniques
/spawnitem avianhistory4-codex

Manifesto of the Grounded
/spawnitem avianhistory5-codex

Our Lost Wings
/spawnitem avianhistory6-codex

A Pilgrimage to Avos
/spawnitem avianhistory7-codex

Stargazer’s Treasures
/spawnitem avianhistory8-codex

History of the Stargazers
/spawnitem avianhistory9-codex

Yolotli’s Diary Entry 1
/spawnitem yolotlisdiary1-codex

Yolotli’s Diary Entry 2
/spawnitem yolotlisdiary2-codex

Yolotli’s Diary Entry 3
/spawnitem yolotlisdiary3-codex

Yolotli’s Diary Entry 4
/spawnitem yolotlisdiary4-codex

Floran – 10 Codexes

How To Get Meats
/spawnitem floranhistory1-codex

The Role of a Greenfinger
/spawnitem floranhistory2-codex

A Departed Floran
/spawnitem floranhistory3-codex

Good Floran Behaviour
/spawnitem floranhistory4-codex

Florans in the Mist
/spawnitem floranhistory5-codex

Floran Family Trees
/spawnitem floranhistory6-codex

Floran Meatbook
/spawnitem floranhistory7-codex

Maku’s Journal
/spawnitem floranhistory8-codex

A Greenfinger’s Diary
/spawnitem floranhistory9-codex

What I Did On My Holidays
/spawnitem floranhistory10-codex

Glitch – 9 Codexes

Built for Purpose? I
/spawnitem glitchhistory1-codex

Doomed Machines Discovered!
/spawnitem glitchhistory2-codex

Built for Purpose? II
/spawnitem glitchhistory3-codex

The Plague of Madness
/spawnitem glitchhistory4-codex

A Plea to Self-Aware Glitch
/spawnitem glitchhistory5-codex

Medicine Amongst the Glitch
/spawnitem glitchhistory6-codex

Filling Up the Tank
/spawnitem glitchhistory7-codex

The Ins and Outs of It
/spawnitem glitchhistory8-codex

Mechanical Machinations
/spawnitem glitchhistory9-codex

Human – 11 Codexes

Humanity’s Redemption
/spawnitem humanhistory1-codex

Our Duty to the Stars
/spawnitem humanhistory2-codex

A United Earth
/spawnitem humanhistory3-codex

The Protectorate Code
/spawnitem humanhistory4-codex

Earth’s Emergency Broadcast
/spawnitem humanhistory5-codex

A History of Space Travel
/spawnitem humanhistory6-codex

Off-Earth Human Census
/spawnitem humanhistory7-codex

Human Census: Report
/spawnitem humanhistory8-codex

/spawnitem humanhistory9-codex

It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Creature
/spawnitem humanhistory10-codex

USCM Annual Report
/spawnitem humanspace1-codex

Hylotl – 9 Codexes

A Culture of Beauty
/spawnitem hylotlhistory1-codex

The Pledge of the Scholar
/spawnitem hylotlhistory2-codex

The Fall of Our Peace
/spawnitem hylotlhistory3-codex

We Who Survive
/spawnitem hylotlhistory4-codex

The Evolution of the Hylotl
/spawnitem hylotlhistory5-codex

A Treatise on the Floran
/spawnitem hylotlhistory6-codex

In Defence of Our Race
/spawnitem hylotlhistory7-codex

To Train the Warrior
/spawnitem hylotlhistory8-codex

Letheia Corporation Brochure
/spawnitem hylotlspace1-codex

Penguin – 8 Codexes

Dreadwing The Penguin
/spawnitem bossdreadwing-codex

Shockhopper Mech Mk I
/spawnitem bossshockhopper-codex

The Would-Be King Part 1
/spawnitem castleking01-codex

The Would-Be King Part 2
/spawnitem castleking02-codex

The Would-Be King Part 3
/spawnitem castleking03-codex

The Would-Be King Part 4
/spawnitem castleking04-codex

The Would-Be King Part 5
/spawnitem castleking05-codex

The Would-Be King Part 6
/spawnitem castleking06-codex

Erchius Mining Facility – 4 Codexes

The Erchius Horror
/spawnitem lunarmission1-codex

Communication Failed
/spawnitem lunarmission2-codex

Letheia Corporation Guidelines
/spawnitem lunarmission3-codex

Emergency Lockdown
/spawnitem lunarmission4-codex

Ceremonial Hunting Caverns – 4 Codexes

The Ixodoom, an Analysis
/spawnitem floranmission1-codex

History of The Hunt
/spawnitem floranmission2-codex

/spawnitem floranmission3-codex

Living In Fear
/spawnitem floranmission4-codex

Grand Pagoda Library – 9 Codexes

Nox’s Journal
/spawnitem hylotlmission1-codex

Letter from the Librarian
/spawnitem hylotlmission2-codex

Official Notice
/spawnitem hylotlmission3-codex

Salvage Plans
/spawnitem hylotlmission4-codex

Ironbeak’s Journal
/spawnitem hylotlmission5-codex

Miniknog Issued Joke Book
/spawnitem hylotlmission6-codex

/spawnitem hylotlmission7-codex

The Slibbler
/spawnitem hylotlmission8-codex

Never Invite a Novakid to Tea
/spawnitem hylotlmission9-codex

Great Sovereign Temple – 4 Codexes

A Desert Expedition
/spawnitem avianmission1-codex

The Gift
/spawnitem avianmission2-codex

Caretaker Guidelines
/spawnitem avianmission3-codex

The Great Temples
/spawnitem avianmission4-codex

Miniknog Stronghold – 4 Codexes

Miniknog R&D Report
/spawnitem apexmission1-codex

Defensive Systems
/spawnitem apexmission2-codex

Report on Rebel Bases
/spawnitem apexmission3-codex

Contents Page
/spawnitem apexmission4-codex

Baron’s Keep – 4 Codexes

The Bone Dragon
/spawnitem glitchmission1-codex

The Big Book of Adventurers
/spawnitem glitchmission2-codex

Details of the Wager
/spawnitem glitchmission3-codex

Dear Baron
/spawnitem glitchmission4-codex

Alien Alpaca Set Collection

Not a Llama
Obtain a complete alpaca costume.
Use it only for good!

  • Collect each piece of the Alien Alpaca Set

/spawnitem alpacahead
/spawnitem alpacachest
/spawnitem alpacalegs

Armor Collection

Protected Protector
Obtain an entire set of armour.
Now use dye to make your armour fabulous.Armour Aficionado
Collect 210 unique pieces of armour.
See how many you can wear at the same time. (Spoiler, it’s 3).

  • There are 7 races in the game, each race has 10 sets, and each set has 3 pieces. 210 Unique pieces in total.

/spawnitem apextier1head
/spawnitem apextier1chest
/spawnitem apextier1pants

/spawnitem apextier2head
/spawnitem apextier2chest
/spawnitem apextier2pants

/spawnitem apextier3head
/spawnitem apextier3chest
/spawnitem apextier3pants

/spawnitem apextier4head
/spawnitem apextier4chest
/spawnitem apextier4pants

/spawnitem apextier5ahead
/spawnitem apextier5achest
/spawnitem apextier5apants

/spawnitem apextier5mhead
/spawnitem apextier5mchest
/spawnitem apextier5mpants

/spawnitem apextier5shead
/spawnitem apextier5schest
/spawnitem apextier5spants

/spawnitem apextier6ahead
/spawnitem apextier6achest
/spawnitem apextier6apants

/spawnitem apextier6mhead
/spawnitem apextier6mchest
/spawnitem apextier6mpants

/spawnitem apextier6shead
/spawnitem apextier6schest
/spawnitem apextier6spants


/spawnitem aviantier1head
/spawnitem aviantier1chest
/spawnitem aviantier1pants

/spawnitem aviantier2head
/spawnitem aviantier2chest
/spawnitem aviantier2pants

/spawnitem aviantier3head
/spawnitem aviantier3chest
/spawnitem aviantier3pants

/spawnitem aviantier4head
/spawnitem aviantier4chest
/spawnitem aviantier4pants

/spawnitem aviantier5ahead
/spawnitem aviantier5achest
/spawnitem aviantier5apants

/spawnitem aviantier5mhead
/spawnitem aviantier5mchest
/spawnitem aviantier5mpants

/spawnitem aviantier5mhead
/spawnitem aviantier5mchest
/spawnitem aviantier5mpants

/spawnitem aviantier6ahead
/spawnitem aviantier6achest
/spawnitem aviantier6apants

/spawnitem aviantier6mhead
/spawnitem aviantier6mchest
/spawnitem aviantier6mpants

/spawnitem aviantier6shead
/spawnitem aviantier6schest
/spawnitem aviantier6spants


/spawnitem florantier1head
/spawnitem florantier1chest
/spawnitem florantier1pants

/spawnitem florantier2head
/spawnitem florantier2chest
/spawnitem florantier2pants

/spawnitem florantier3head
/spawnitem florantier3chest
/spawnitem florantier3pants

/spawnitem florantier4head
/spawnitem florantier4chest
/spawnitem florantier4pants

/spawnitem florantier5ahead
/spawnitem florantier5achest
/spawnitem florantier5apants

/spawnitem florantier5mhead
/spawnitem florantier5mchest
/spawnitem florantier5mpants

/spawnitem florantier5shead
/spawnitem florantier5schest
/spawnitem florantier5spants

/spawnitem florantier6ahead
/spawnitem florantier6achest
/spawnitem florantier6apants

/spawnitem florantier6mhead
/spawnitem florantier6mchest
/spawnitem florantier6mpants

/spawnitem florantier6shead
/spawnitem florantier6schest
/spawnitem florantier6spants


/spawnitem glitchtier1head
/spawnitem glitchtier1chest
/spawnitem glitchtier1pants

/spawnitem glitchtier2head
/spawnitem glitchtier2chest
/spawnitem glitchtier2pants

/spawnitem glitchtier3head
/spawnitem glitchtier3chest
/spawnitem glitchtier3pants

/spawnitem glitchtier4head
/spawnitem glitchtier4chest
/spawnitem glitchtier4pants

/spawnitem glitchtier5ahead
/spawnitem glitchtier5achest
/spawnitem glitchtier5apants

/spawnitem glitchtier5mhead
/spawnitem glitchtier5mchest
/spawnitem glitchtier5mpants

/spawnitem glitchtier5shead
/spawnitem glitchtier5schest
/spawnitem glitchtier5spants

/spawnitem glitchtier6ahead
/spawnitem glitchtier6achest
/spawnitem glitchtier6apants

/spawnitem glitchtier6mhead
/spawnitem glitchtier6mchest
/spawnitem glitchtier6mpants

/spawnitem glitchtier6shead
/spawnitem glitchtier6schest
/spawnitem glitchtier6spants


/spawnitem humantier1head
/spawnitem humantier1chest
/spawnitem humantier1pants

/spawnitem humantier2head
/spawnitem humantier2chest
/spawnitem humantier2pants

/spawnitem humantier3head
/spawnitem humantier3chest
/spawnitem humantier3pants

/spawnitem humantier4head
/spawnitem humantier4chest
/spawnitem humantier4pants

/spawnitem humantier5ahead
/spawnitem humantier5achest
/spawnitem humantier5apants

/spawnitem humantier5mhead
/spawnitem humantier5mchest
/spawnitem humantier5mpants

/spawnitem humantier5shead
/spawnitem humantier5schest
/spawnitem humantier5spants

/spawnitem humantier6ahead
/spawnitem humantier6achest
/spawnitem humantier6apants

/spawnitem humantier6mhead
/spawnitem humantier6mchest
/spawnitem humantier6mpants

/spawnitem humantier6shead
/spawnitem humantier6schest
/spawnitem humantier6spants


/spawnitem hylotltier1head
/spawnitem hylotltier1chest
/spawnitem hylotltier1pants

/spawnitem hylotltier2head
/spawnitem hylotltier2chest
/spawnitem hylotltier2pants

/spawnitem hylotltier3head
/spawnitem hylotltier3chest
/spawnitem hylotltier3pants

/spawnitem hylotltier4head
/spawnitem hylotltier4chest
/spawnitem hylotltier4pants

/spawnitem hylotltier5ahead
/spawnitem hylotltier5achest
/spawnitem hylotltier5apants

/spawnitem hylotltier5mhead
/spawnitem hylotltier5mchest
/spawnitem hylotltier5mpants

/spawnitem hylotltier5shead
/spawnitem hylotltier5schest
/spawnitem hylotltier5spants

/spawnitem hylotltier6ahead
/spawnitem hylotltier6achest
/spawnitem hylotltier6apants

/spawnitem hylotltier6mhead
/spawnitem hylotltier6mchest
/spawnitem hylotltier6mpants

/spawnitem hylotltier6shead
/spawnitem hylotltier6schest
/spawnitem hylotltier6spants


/spawnitem novatier1head
/spawnitem novatier1chest
/spawnitem novatier1pants

/spawnitem novatier2head
/spawnitem novatier2chest
/spawnitem novatier2pants

/spawnitem novatier3head
/spawnitem novatier3chest
/spawnitem novatier3pants

/spawnitem novatier4head
/spawnitem novatier4chest
/spawnitem novatier4pants

/spawnitem novatier5ahead
/spawnitem novatier5achest
/spawnitem novatier5apants

/spawnitem novatier5mhead
/spawnitem novatier5mchest
/spawnitem novatier5mpants

/spawnitem novatier5shead
/spawnitem novatier5schest
/spawnitem novatier5spants

/spawnitem novatier6ahead
/spawnitem novatier6achest
/spawnitem novatier6apants

/spawnitem novatier6mhead
/spawnitem novatier6mchest
/spawnitem novatier6mpants

/spawnitem novatier6shead
/spawnitem novatier6schest
/spawnitem novatier6spants

Optional Wall Storage (For Organization)

/spawnitem apexstoragelocker
/spawnitem avianstoragelocker
/spawnitem floranstoragelocker
/spawnitem glitchstoragelocker
/spawnitem humanstoragelocker
/spawnitem hylotlstoragelocker
/spawnitem novakidstoragelocker

Block Collection

Destroyer of Worlds
Move a planet’s worth of blocks.
If you weren’t using a Matter Manipulator you’d be ripped.

  • Collect 10 million blocks. You will need a character in Survival Mode to be able to drop items.
  1. Clean your block inventory and use /spawnitem dirtmaterial 1000 to spawn a stack of dirt. Press P to quickly repeat the command until your inventory is full of 40 stacks of dirt. (40.000 total)
  2. Barricate yourself on your teleporter and use /admin to disable your admin privileges
  3. Use the command /suicide to respawn and press ESC when the screen turns black to skip the animation. You will pick everything back instantly when you respawn
  4. Press P to repeat the command and ESC, to skip the animation. Repeat until you get the achievement. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, and you can see your progress at the bottom if you don’t wait too much to respawn.

Misc Collection

Augmented Reality
Augment your EPP.
Now it’s an AEPP.

  • Collect an Augment.

/spawnitem speedaugment

Traveling in Style
Obtain a cool vehicle.
Pop some sweet wheelies.

  • Collect a vehicle.

/spawnitem sportscarcontrollerred

Monster Whisperer
Capture a monster.
How does it fit in that tiny ball?

  • Capture a monster using a capture pod. The command below will spawn a weak, pacified monster.

/spawnitem capturepod
/spawnmonster bunnycritter 1 ‘{“capturable”:true}’

Amateur Bard
Collect your first musical instrument!
Keep playing, even when everyone begs you to stop.

  • Collect an instrument.

/spawnitem violin

Perfectly Generic Achievement
Obtain the mythical perfectly generic item

  • This item spawns whanever you try to spawn an invalid item.

/spawnitem a

You’re aMAZEing!
Complete Mazebound.
You only need to beat it 300,000 times to win a slide whistle.

  • Collect a Winning Ticket.

/spawnitem winningticket

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1 thought on “Starbound: 100% Collection / Achievement Guide with Console Commands”

  1. For the Achievemenets :

    Armour Aficionado
    Collect 210 unique pieces of armour.
    See how many you can wear at the same time. (Spoiler, it’s 3).

    There is a mistake this is the right one :

    /spawnitem aviantier1head
    /spawnitem aviantier1chest
    /spawnitem aviantier1pants

    /spawnitem aviantier2head
    /spawnitem aviantier2chest
    /spawnitem aviantier2pants

    /spawnitem aviantier3head
    /spawnitem aviantier3chest
    /spawnitem aviantier3pants

    /spawnitem aviantier4head
    /spawnitem aviantier4chest
    /spawnitem aviantier4pants

    /spawnitem aviantier5ahead
    /spawnitem aviantier5achest
    /spawnitem aviantier5apants

    /spawnitem aviantier5mhead
    /spawnitem aviantier5mchest
    /spawnitem aviantier5mpants

    /spawnitem aviantier5shead
    /spawnitem aviantier5schest
    /spawnitem aviantier5spants

    /spawnitem aviantier6ahead
    /spawnitem aviantier6achest
    /spawnitem aviantier6apants

    /spawnitem aviantier6mhead
    /spawnitem aviantier6mchest
    /spawnitem aviantier6mpants

    /spawnitem aviantier6shead
    /spawnitem aviantier6schest
    /spawnitem aviantier6spants


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