Stardew Valley: All Stardrop Locations

Here is a guide on how to get every Stardrop in Stardew Valley.



This guide will show you how to get all 7 of the stardrops hidden throughout Stardew Valley.

  • stardrop is a special item that, upon consumption will
    permanently increase your player’s maximum energy by 34 points.

NOTE: Each stardrop can only be obtained ONCE per save file.

The Mines

Once you reach level 100 of the mines, you will receive a stardrop upon opening the chest.

Stardew Valley Fair

stardrop can be purchased from the shop at the Stardew Valley Fair for 2000 star tokens that can be won from playing carnival games, in exchange for 
gold, or by having your grange display judged by Mayor Lewis.

Old Master Cannoli

A slightly more secret method of obtaining a stardrop can be completed by giving a Sweet Gem Berry to the statue of Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods.

  • To get one, plant a Rare Seed very early in fall and wait 24 days for it to grow.
  • You can occasionally buy Rare Seeds from the Travelling Cart in the forest.

Rare Seeds cost 1,000 during the spring and summer.
 1,26% chance to appear during any season for 600 – 1,000

  • Once you give the Sweet Gem Berry to the statue, it’s eyes will turn red.
  • Interacting with the statue again will award you with the stardrop.


To recieve a stardrop from your spouse (or roommate), give them gifts to increase your relationship up to 12.5 hearts, then interact with them to receive the stardrop.

You can buy a stardrop from the merchant Krobus who lives in the sewers, for 20,000

  • In order to enter the sewers, you need to have the Rusty Key.
  • It is a reward for reaching 60 donations to the museum.

Master Angler

After catching every fish and receiving the Master Angler achievementwait a day,
then check your mailbox for a letter from Willy, inside you will find a stardrop.

NOTE: Legendary fish are not required for this, or any of the 4 fishing achievements.

A Complete Collection

Upon donating all 95 required items to the museum, you will be rewarded with a stardrop.

Mystery Of The Stardrops

This achievement is acquired after obtaining every stardrop in the game.
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