Stardew Valley: Every Marriage Candidate Ranked

A long time ago, I ranked every marriage candidate. But feelings change with time, and I figured it’s time to revisit the topic – now in one easy to digest list for your convenience! (Notice: Do not digest the list. It is not food or otherwise sustenance)   Time To … Read More

Stardew Valley: Update 1.6 Books Guide

Guide on where to find the new books in Stardew Valley 1.6! Information extracted from Stardew Valley Wiki.   The Bookseller The shop sells a random assortment of books each time. It appears twice every season on random dates marked on the calendar. Whenever the Bookseller is visiting, there will be … Read More

Stardew Valley: Update 1.6 Achievements Guide

Detailed instructions for all new achievements   Well-Read Read every book. Image Name Description Location Animal Catalogue You can access Marnie’s shop when she’s not around. Bought from Marnie for 5,000g (Can be bought multiple times) Bait And Bobber Read this to gain some fishing experience. Bought from the Bookseller … Read More

Stardew Valley: Modding Guide 2022

Getting tired of the same old Stardew Valley? This guide will teach you how to sprinkle in some mods to spice up the game! This is a comprehensive guide that covers patching & installing mods to SV… It even offers mod recommendations!!   Intro Are you getting bored of playing the same … Read More

Stardew Valley: Skull Cavern Floor 100

This guide will help you to fight through the Skull Cavern and obtain the Iridium Milk from Mr. Q.   The Basics First you need to gear up. You will need a Gold or Iridium pickaxe, Galaxy Sword/ Galaxy Hammer, 250 Bombs (easily obtained from the Dwarf in the regular Mines) and lots … Read More

Stardew Valley: Top 10 Coolest Weapons

Well, Top 11 Best Items somehow started getting views four full months after I made it, so I might as well make good on my desire to make a follow-up guide about weapons. Like any good farming simulator, there’s plenty of weaponry available in Stardew, and while the average player … Read More

Stardew Valley: The Most Profitable Plants by Season

In this guide I´ll show you the most profitable crops of the seasons.   🌷Spring plants. Strawberries – Strawberry plant yields 1 Strawberry every 4 days, with a small random chance to get more Strawberries. Obtained at the Egg Festival (on the 13th of Spring). Sold for 120g. Green beans – Green … Read More

Stardew Valley: Guide to Dating Alex

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Alex; from his daily schedule, to his favorite gifts, and even his favorite movies!   Overview This guide contains information about about Alex’s gifts, heart events, schedules, and more in order to help you befriend him! Introduction Alex is … Read More

Stardew Valley: Top 11 Best Items 2022

Now if there’s one thing that Stardew Valley undeniably has, it’s items. Far too many to rank all in one easy to read list, especially given the low attention span of the kids these days, but there’s a way around that. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ll be ranking my … Read More