Stardew Valley: Modding Guide 2022

Getting tired of the same old Stardew Valley? This guide will teach you how to sprinkle in some mods to spice up the game!

This is a comprehensive guide that covers patching & installing mods to SV… It even offers mod recommendations!!



Are you getting bored of playing the same old Stardew Valley? Do you want to have the freedom of customizing every single aspect of the game to your liking but have no idea how to do so? You have come to the right place! This guide will help you get started on modding Stardew Valley. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
Before we start, make sure to back up your saves just in case something goes wrong.
1. Go to the Steam LIBRARY
2. Right-click Stardew Valley, then go to “PROPERTIES…”
3. On the left-hand corner, click “LOCAL FILES”
4. Click “Backup game files…”

I. Setting Up

SMAPI is a tool that loads mods to SV.
This tool is necessary if you want to mod the game.

Installing SMAPI

The following are the procedures on setting up SMAPI:
1. Click the link here[] to download the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Extract the file then run the installer compatible to your system.

3. After running the installer, type “1” in the space then hit enter.

4. Type “1” then hit enter again to begin the installation.

5. Highlight the file location (like in the picture below), and then hit ctrl+c key to copy it.

6. Go to your Steam LIBRARY, right-click SV, then go to properties.
7. In the GENERAL tab, paste the text you copied to the LAUNCH OPTIONS.

Your game is now ready to be modded!

II. Modding

Now that your game is patched, get ready to spend countless hours downloading unlimited amounts of mods!

-Recommended Sites for Downloading Mods-


I take no responsibility for any damage or data loss to your system. Please be mindful when downloading mods.

How to Add Mods to SV

To add the mods into your game, go to the game directory folder. The fastest way to do this is by going to your LIBRARY, right-clicking SV, hovering over the MANAGE tab, and clicking “Browse local files”

Extract the mods you downloaded to the Mods folder. Every time you add new mods, run the game to ensure everything is working properly.

III. Tools & Requirements

This list is made for those who don’t know where to start from modding. This aims to enhance Stardew Valley’s overall experience without deviating too much from the original and using any cheats.


The creators of these mods work tirelessly to provide us players with the best experience so please do remember to support them by donating or at least rating/endorsing their works.

-Tools & Requirements-

*To prevent any issues, please check the requirements of each mods you download. However, you’ll only gonna be needing these for this list*

ㅤLets other mods change the assets (such as images & data) of SV.
ㅤNexus Link[]
ㅤModDrop Link[]

A toolkit required by other mods.
Nexus Link[]
ModDrop Link[]

Let’s you add Furniture via JSON + PNG File.
Nexus Link[]
ModDrop Link[]

Let’s you configure mods in-game.
Nexus Link[]
ModDrop Link[]

A framework mod used by other mods.
Nexus Link[]
ModDrop Link[]

Lets content packs add custom content to the game.
Nexus Link[]
ModDrop Link[]

IV. Generic Mods

Mods that should’ve been included in the vanilla (JK)

Nexus link[]

UI Info Suite is a mod that offers helpful information such as your luck level, accurate heart meter, day of harvest, and many more.

Nexus link[]

As you can probably tell from the name, this mod displays the locations of each NPCs in the map.

Nexus link[]

Shows you how and when you could obtain an object from Community Center.

Nexus link[]
ModDrop link[]

Let’s you see how much an item is worth.

Nexus link[]

Provides you the ability to sprint. Sprinting depletes your energy but it also regenerates over time. (Depletion & regeneration rate is configurable)

Nexus link[]

Enables you to zoom infinitely (great for those who have small displays)

V. Cool Portraits

These change the images of the characters in the dialogue box.

*Portraits that use .xnb files have to be placed in the PORTRAITS folder inside CONTENT folder, but make sure to backup the folder first*

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤNexus link[]

VI. Visual Mods

Mods that change the game’s aesthetics

*If these doesn’t suit your style, you can to proceed to the next section.*

-UI Visual Mods-

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤThe design & color of the cursor is
ㅤcustomizable (set the color to beige for this

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤFreely customize your menu background.

ㅤNexus link[]

-Farm & Town Visual Mods-

ㅤNexus link[]

Use these to make everything fit in with this recolour:

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤNexus link[]

ㅤNexus link[]


ㅤNexus link[]

Furnitures & Craftables:

More Guides:

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