Stardew Valley: How to Collect Uncraftable Shirts

Wanting to collect every shirt but not sure what shirts can’t be crafted? This is just a lightweight guide designed to tell you what shirts you’re looking for, and where to get them!


Using Your Fashion Sense – Where To Find Shirts

The items in this guide can be almost always obtained in one of two ways. Either via character creation, or via the Oasis

Character Creation
When you start a new save for the very first time, you can choose your shirt. The number on this page is conveniently the number of the shirt’s ID, which comes into play later. Since you can only get a shirt through this method once, you can’t just repeat the process at the Shrine of Illusions or something similar, instead you’ll have to either just pick one and use method 2 or have a friend create new characters repeatedly to give you new shirts. I don’t recommend the latter, however, as it’s both tedious and unnecessary.

The Oasis
Every single day, from Spring 1, Year 1, Sandy in the Oasis will sell a random shirt (not any from ginger island, though). This shirt can be any other shirt in the entire game that is otherwise obtainable, and even includes four exclusive shirts found only at the oasis. All shirts are sold for 1000G each, so it can be a bit pricey, but this is the only other way.

Sandy’s wares can’t be checked in game without visiting her shop. This means you’d need to buy a bus ticket every single day in order to scope out her shirts. Alternatively, you can load your save file into an external analyser such as Stardew Predictor and search the shirt you’re looking for by the ID listed here – and that will tell you when she next sells it. Either way, have fun!

Clothing Completionism – The List

Here are all the shirts that cannot be obtained via tailoring that can still be obtained

Shirt 20 – Sailor Shirt

Shirt 23 – Shirt, Red Buttoned

Shirt 24 – Shirt, Green Buttoned

Shirt 41 – Shirt, Purple with Pink Underlay

Shirt 42 – Shirt, White with Tea-Colour Stripe

Shirt 44 – Shirt, Blue V Fit

Shirt 46 – Shirt, Red V Fit

Shirt 47 – Shirt, Purple V Fit

Shirt 50 – Shirt, Pink with Single Dark Pink Stripe

Shirt 55 – Shirt, Mint-Green with White Upper Stripe

Shirt 57 – Shirt, Green with Concave Neckline

Shirt 61 – Shirt, Blue with Concave Neckline

Shirt 77 – Shirt, Magenta with Belt

Shirt 81 – Shirt, Steel-Grey with White Upper Stripe

Shirt 83 – Shirt, Navy-Blue Slim Fit

Shirt 85 – Shirt, Dense Black

Shirt 88 – Neat Bow Shirt

Shirt 91 – Shirt, Black Slim-Fit

Shirt 109 – Shirt, Peach Bulky

Shirt 110 – Shirt, Purple Buttoned

Shirt 111 – Shirt, Orange Buttoned

Shirt 119 – Shirt, Cyan Crop-Top (Oasis Exclusive)

Shirt 120 – Shirt, Red Crop-Top (Oasis Exclusive)

Shirt 121 – Shirt, Golden Crop-Top (Oasis Exclusive)

Shirt 122 – Shirt, Purple Crop-Top (Oasis Exclusive)

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