Sweet Transit: All Scenario Levels Guide

Happily sharing my solutions to each Scenario Level in Sweet Transit.


Level 01 – 05

  • Level 1
    Well – not much to say. Don’t forget your signals?
  • Level 2
    That was the first very close one. I had to tweak around with the signal-spacing for the incoming trains to manage their frequency.

    (note for all upcoming levels:
    it often comes in very beneficial, if you let fewer trains on the map simultaniously to have better flow and a higher throughput overall. In general i used a 3-Block spacing when in doubt/first try, but often went up to 5 or 6 on the inbound-tracks)

  • Level 3
    One bridge is better then two bridges…i guess?
  • Level 4
    A normal Station Layout. Don’t forget your chain-signal in the entrance. Thats all.
  • Level 5
    Well i had one of the biggest struggles with this early level to be honest…
    In the end i had “a” solution down – which only works because i haven’t connected every in- and Output *chuckle
    let’s just quickly move on and away from thisone!

Level 06 – 10

  • Level 06
    More a classical plumbing-puzzle then a junction-problem xD
  • Level 07
    Introducing steelbridges. You will start to love them.
  • Level 08
    Well. Connected everything like asked…it’s ugly but it worked somehow. I won’t complain.
  • Level 09
    Ah the classic trumpet-T-Junction. I have played enough train-games to easily solve this one!
  • Level 10
    Another of my “it ain’t stupid if it works”-build. In a normal game i would polish over it some more to make it look fancy. But here it has only one purpose: earn me 3 Stars!

Level 11 – 15

  • Level 11
    Again nothing much i can say to this…
  • Level 12
    This one was a tough one, until i realised i can totally change the station layout (and slightly the position). Then the brakethrough was to connect each track to each exit. et voila!
    Doesn’t look too bad either 🙂
  • Level 13

    classic 4-way directional intersection. (not a cloverleaf – that would be another viable option here.)

  • Level 14
    again one of those “i dont’ know what im doing, but after connecting everything it worked”
  • Level 15
    i really liked this one. Fun to watch those trains bounce back and forth. =)

Level 16 – 20

  • Level 16
    OK this is a game of “thread the needle” – but with steelbridges no problem again. as you can see i even had 3 connections spare…
  • Level 17
    This was a lot of work to build. an input is connected to each output, turnin counter-clockwise. Done this for each and every input and you get this woven and somewhat symmetrical mess =)
  • Level 18
    i don’t understand why this level is so late and supposedly harder in difficulty? you have to build 4-5 simple bridge-crossing. Done.
  • Level 19
    Again a piece of labor to avoid any unneccesary crossing (use bridges), and then it isn’t too hard.
  • Level 20
    OK you guys earned this one: after all the clunky/wonky/ugly builds i presented to you.
    I pretty sure it is not the most efficient build and you can score more points – but isn’t it a beautyfuk double cloverleaf? =)



And to end with some stolen famous last words:
“so i hope you had fun. i know i did”

These are my scores with the presented solutions:

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