Back 4 Blood: How to Fix Fullscreen Issue

This guide is to solve the graphic configuration problem and the full screen does not appear   How to Fix Fullscreen Issue 1 C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Back4Blood\Steam\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor -If “AppData” does not appear, go to view and click on “Hidden Elements” 2 _Open “GameUserSettings.ini” with “Notepad” 3 _Go where it says: FullscreenMode LastConfirmedFullscreenMode PreferredFullscreenMode 4 _Change the values ​​of these to 0. 5 _Finally … Read more

Back 4 Blood: In-depth Weapon/Card Guide

Analysis of the various weapons options, and damage-related cards, available in Back 4 Blood.   Introduction Welcome to this guide on the various weapons options available in Back 4 Blood. This guide will cover weapons analysis, attachments and damage-specific cards. I will also throw in some recommendations and tips here and there, because I’m nice … Read more

Back 4 Blood: The Messiah™ Build

Here is a messiah build guide for you, if you love it. you can take it a try.   Introduction The Messiah™ is a niche build that makes realistic assumptions about the quality of crossplatform public matchmaking in B4B and tries to find optimal solutions to the kinds of problems the game creates on higher … Read more

Back 4 Blood: Path to Barbwire Acension

For the true believer’s from the beta all the way to release. One thing will make you the best players of back4blood.   Step 1- Acceptance of Barbwire Accept that the barbwire is the most powerful tool at your disposal, besides the guns. Step 2- Barbwire Acension Now that you are equipped to handle the … Read more

Back 4 Blood: Doc Support Deck Build

I have written the following guide in order to share a deck build that I have found very efficient during my many runs with Doc. The deck is focused on boosting Team Survivability, Healing Efficiency, and Rapid Revival. The deck is also more geared towards Veteran difficulty rather than Nightmare.   First 2 Cards If … Read more