Back 4 Blood: All Golden Skull Secret Locations

There are a number of Back 4 Blood secrets to find, but none are more important than the golden statues. Hidden throughout 10 different Back 4 Blood missions, finding and interacting with them all will unlock 10 different trophies/achievements, which is essential if you want to complete everything the game has to offer. The Back 4 Blood secrets can be easy to miss though, so this guide has everything you need to know on where to find them.


The Crossing: The Devil’s Return (Port Man Toe?)

    After crossing the bridge, head left down the stairs to get to the road below.

    Keep on the right-hand side until you see a red boat that has collided with the road, jump onto it and the Golden Statue will be in the lower right corner.

Book Worms: Search & Rescue (Bell Hop)

    When you get to the apartments, destroy the door leading to the basement with the conveniently placed gas tanks.

    From there head up the set of stairs to the first floor and you will notice two doors in front of you with their doors open. The one closest to you with the larger door frame is an office, head into there and check under the desk to find the next Golden Statue.

Special Delivery: The Dark Before The Dawn (Pallet Cleanser)

    When you’re facing the Safe House, look directly to your left to see a shelf with wooden planks on it. Jump on top of this and you will find the Golden Statue for the mission.

Hell’s Bells: Blue Dog Hollow (Easily Mist)

    Once you get through the section where the paths split off into two, you will notice a hill in the centre of the path. Head to the top of it and look in the bushes to find the Golden Statue.

A Call To Arms: The Armory (Cooped Up)

    Looking out of the car park onto the platform area you will notice it says Robb’s Mill on the wall with an arrow pointing right.

    Drop down from the platform and head immediately right until you get to the mill. Keep on following the path around the back of the house that you need to go to for the objective. In the garden you will see some animal huts, the Golden Statue is in the chicken coop.

Hinterland: Plan B (Dangerous To Go Alone)

    You will come to a waterfall that you need to jump down, with a metal bridge in front. Jump down the waterfall and immediately turn around to face it.

    Head inside the water and you will find the Golden Statue on the ground.

Grave Danger: Job 10:22 (Cryptozoologist)

    At the start, you will walk under an arch that reads St. Johns Church. Once you do this continue right under the second arch and then keep to the right by walking alongside the wall.

    After traversing across a grassy area you will see a few small buildings in front of you, head into the larger one and the Golden Statue will be on the floor in the left-hand corner.

Garden Party: Dr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood (Night of the Living Hedge)

    Once you get out of the maze you will come to across some steps that you need to go up to get to the Safe House. Rather than doing that, head left into some more bushes and you will find the Golden Statue on top of an ornament.

The Grade: Remnants (Extra Credit)

    When everything that happens in the gym is over you can head up the bleachers to get onto the roof of the school.

    As you head over the roof you will come to some stairs with graffiti on the wall. Once you get here, turn right and there will be a tent against the wall, the Golden Statue is inside it.

The Abomination: The Abomination (Mind Your Step)

    When the timer is at 1:50 you will notice a platform in the center which had been blocked by the creature. This has numerous offshoots that lead up the walls. If you head up the first one of the right you will find the Golden Statue buried at the top.

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