Cult of the Lamb: How to Get Every General Follower Form

This guide will show you how to get every general follower form   Deer,Pig,Dog,Cat,Fox You will have these followers when you start the game Pangolin,Red Panda,Unicorn These 3 followers are bought from Forneus & Hellob Wolf To unlock the Wolf follower you must interact with the fox 4 times he … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: How to Time Travel for Event Items

The Blood Moon Festival was just released, advertising followers and decorations that you can only get between October 24th and November 10th – but no need for FOMO, this event isn’t actually limited. After the event ends you can STILL go back and play it by changing the date and … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: How To Get All Holy Talismans

This guide is meant to help you obtain Holy Talismans to allow you to unlock fleeces. This is a step by step guide, allowing you to follow along while collecting what is needed. Collecting all is slightly time consuming. Your most likely trying to unlock the “Transmute” achievement. This will … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: How to Get the Snail Follower Form

Here is a guide on how to get the snail follower form in Cult of the Lamb.   Overview in order to get the snail follower form, you must collect 5 snail shells, and give them to 5 statues hidden around the map, once you give the last statue a … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: All Fishes Guide

Simple guide on how to catch the 4 fish required for the fisherman’s side quest. Spoiler Alert!!!   The Fisherman The Fisherman NPC is found early in the game at the southeast edge of Pilgrim’s Passage. He asks you to bring him a series of fish, that being the lobster, … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: Best Cult Doctrines and Unlock Order

This guide explains what are the best Doctrines are and what order they should be unlocked.   Intro By the time you’ve finished the tutorial, you obtain the ability to unlock Doctrines which significantly improve your quality of life while playing the game and can make it much easier for … Read More

Cult of the Lamb: How to Unlock All Follower Skins

This is a guide on how to unlock every follower skin for the “Full Flock” achievement. This will walk you through/list all the basic and secret followers that you can unlock.   Introduction *Spoilers* This page contains a list of all the different Follower Skins and Follower Forms you can … Read More