Cult of the Lamb: How to Get the Snail Follower Form

Here is a guide on how to get the snail follower form in Cult of the Lamb.



in order to get the snail follower form, you must collect 5 snail shells, and give them to 5 statues hidden around the map, once you give the last statue a shell, you’ll be given the follower form


Shells drop from snails, which can be found all over Anura
they don’t seem to spawn after you get the follower form, which is unfortunate for the purpose of this guide.
you’ll need 5 for the statues, but they’re fairly easy to collect. It only took me 2 runs to get all the shells


There’s 5 statues in total, and they can be given shells in any order

Lonely Shack

Pilgrim’s Passage

Midas’s Cave

Smuggler’s Sanctuary

Spore Grotto

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