Cult of the Lamb: How to Get Every General Follower Form

This guide will show you how to get every general follower form



You will have these followers when you start the game

Pangolin,Red Panda,Unicorn

These 3 followers are bought from Forneus & Hellob


To unlock the Wolf follower you must interact with the fox 4 times he is in all the areas except for the lonely shack there will be a crescent moon on the floor and you can interact with it at night do this in all the areas and you will be awarded the Wolf follower


The rat follower is found in the lonely shack behind a pile of wood on the left of the shack


The axolotl is obtained by completing the lighthouse at pilgrims passage to complete the lighthouse you need 15 logs and 25 crystal shards from anchordeep


The star follower is found in midas’s cave in the top right behind a pile of gold


You obtain the fish follower by fishing at pilgrims passage


The poop follower is obtained by making lots of bowls of poop i think 12


The Monster follower is obtained by going on a crusade going to a food shop hitting the snail until the shop keeper fights you win and get the monster statue and place the statue at your cult then at night pray at the statue


The crab follower is obtained by catching the crab at smugglers sanctuary


The snail followe is obtained by getting 5 snail shells while on crusades and giving them to the 5 statues in each area(except your cult)

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